You Can’t Do That with a Whiteboard

Getting crews, equipment and materials to the right place at the right time isn’t easy in the ever-changing construction environment. Doing it effectively goes a long way towards keeping projects on schedule and under budget.

B2W has posted a new e-book outlining how moving to a single, specialized software system for scheduling and dispatching provides vital advantages over the chaotic combination of offline tools like whiteboards spreadsheets and phone calls that many contractors continue to rely on.

The benefits hinge on the three key capabilities that construction companies need to optimize their resources over time and across jobs.

  • A single, centralized solution
  • Live, real-time updates
  • Collaboration across the company

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The e-book explores topics critical to effective scheduling and dispatching like knowing with certainty where resources actually are at a given point in time and establishing one online schedule that employees throughout the company can access and update (with controlled permission) in real time. Opportunities to maximize efficiency through collaboration – especially between the scheduling/dispatching, equipment maintenance and field teams is also covered.

Finally, the e-book looks at specialized features that a contractor just can’t get with traditional tools. These include a live map, customizable views and filtering of the schedule, move planning and driver notifications, conflict resolution and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

9 Benefits of Specialized Software





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