Ensuring Success

The B2W Software Implementation Team works with every client to customize a plan and guide them step-by-step through a proven process that includes:

  • Construction software installation and configuration
  • Database construction and data migration
  • A smooth hand-off to training

This process has been carefully designed to expedite go-live dates, maximize return on investment and ensure that every new client achieves their business goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

B2W Software Implementation

Proven 4-Phase Plan

The B2W Implementation team brings decades of combined experience in leading clients through successful implementation plans. That best-practice experience has allowed them to develop a structured, proven B2W methodology for software installation and configuration that excels in the heavy construction industry. B2W Software replaces the time consuming and costly “trial and error” method with a streamlined and customizable roadmap designed specifically for each company’s requirements, expectations and resources. The B2W process begins with a meticulous planning phase, in cooperation with each client, which includes database development. That is followed in sequence by software deployment, training and go-live phases.


Each new client is assigned a professional implementation leader who tailors the proven B2W implementation process to that company’s specific needs and provides a single point of contact. With one specific B2W implementation specialist assigned, clients always know exactly who to call when they have a question about any aspect or phase of implementation. The goal is for end users as well as the management team to be 100% live with new B2W Software applications the day after the training session ends, with no “gotcha’s” or loose ends.

B2W Implementation Team

No Surprises

An effective implementation ultimately means “no surprises”. With B2W Software, heavy construction companies always know exactly where they stand and what steps are required to get up and running with new estimating and operations solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Under the watchful eye of an implementation specialist, they never have to wonder “what’s next” and they know that:

  • Their software has been properly installed on hardware that meets specifications
  • Their database has been correctly imported and properly developed prior to training
  • Security and permissions have been properly configured
  • Databases are protected via reliable backup strategies
  • The SQL database is configured for maximum efficiency via approved maintenance plans
  • All employees who will access B2W applications have been properly trained
  • All interfaces with other applications – such as accounting and project management – have been properly configured for seamless integration
  • All necessary customizations – such as custom reports and custom dashboards – have been created, tested, and approved
  • Any potential issues or roadblocks have been identified and addressed before the go-live date
  • Feedback and suggestions have been conveyed to B2W Software for continued product enhancement

It’s so intuitive that I didn’t have the typical uphill battle that you find in trying to teach people new software.

Tom Woodward, David Nelson Construction

It’s sometimes difficult for the field personnel to accept different processes and use new software. But after using B2W, their reaction was unexpected – they found it easy to use from the start. We were not used to this sudden, positive response when introducing new technology.

Dave Turner, C.A. Hull