B2W Maintain delivers proactive fleet maintenance with a compelling ROI

A flexible CMMS, B2W Maintain software streamlines heavy construction equipment maintenance processes to prevent issues before they can impact uptime.

  • Standardize and manage inspections, repair requests, work orders and parts management more efficiently
  • Automate preventive maintenance and transition to a proactive, cost-effective approach
  • Connect maintenance, jobsite and B2W Schedule workflows in real time to maximize asset utilization and maintenance efficiency
  • Centralize equipment maintenance data and track KPIs to make better decisions about process improvement, staffing and fleet investments

Stop the profit killer

Get proactive to minimize the inflated costs, disruptions and replacement requirements resulting from deferred equipment maintenance and unplanned repairs.

Easier than you think

B2W Maintain is a flexible system with an intuitive workflow that can be configured to facilitate best practices. B2W experts are available to help optimize every process.

Measure and improve

Managing maintenance with a standardized, online system makes it easy for contractors to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and continuously improve.

B2W Maintain features for comprehensive equipment maintenance management

Heavy Construction Equipment Maintenance Software Dashboard

“We improved uptime, shop efficiency and costs with B2W Maintain.”

Shop Manager

The only unified approach to construction estimating and operations

B2W Maintain on the ONE Platform

B2W connects the office, field and shop. A single source for operational data along with automated, real-time communication combine to eliminate lag time, errors and redundancy. That allows teams to work together across workflows to drive efficiency and profitability.

ONE Platform advantages for B2W Maintain users

  • Equipment inspections completed with B2W Inform can generate repair requests in B2W Maintain automatically
  • Repair requests created in B2W Track are visible in B2W Maintain, and Track users can monitor the status
  • Real-time equipment status is visible in B2W Maintain, B2W Schedule and B2W Track for optimal utilization and maintenance efficiency
  • One equipment list maintained in a single database and used by applications across the platform eliminates errors and ambiguity

On-premise and Cloud options

Deploy B2W Maintain on-premise or eliminate IT requirements, costs and security concerns with our high-performance Cloud option.

Implementation expertise

With decades of experience, on-staff experts ensure ROI through a proven deployment methodology designed to meet the needs of every contractor.

Comprehensive training

Customized in-person and online options and resources make it easy for users to get started quickly and increase proficiency over time.

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