B2W Maintain

Avoid Equipment Downtime

Keeping construction assets on the job and lowering cost of ownership are critical to profitability. B2W Maintain connects shop, field and management teams and helps them maximize utilization and cut equipment maintenance costs. The software manages all aspects of the maintenance process, drives preventive programs and provides enterprise-wide access to equipment status and history in real-time. With B2W Maintain, contractors can establish a comprehensive, standardized system to manage and track heavy construction equipment maintenance more proactively and efficiently.

  • Streamlined repair request and work order processing
  • User-defined preventive maintenance plans
  • Enterprise-wide visibility of equipment status, location and repair history in real time
  • Unified with B2W field tracking and scheduling applications for repair request, status and dispatching
  • Parts inventory control and purchasing integration

“We improved uptime, shop efficiency and costs with B2W Maintain.”

Skip Brownell

Shop Manager

Construction Equipment Maintenance
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B2W Maintain Features

Maintain Dashboard

The Maintain Dashboard provides construction managers and executives with an easy-to-read snapshot of maintenance activities and metrics – and the option to drill down for details.

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Work order creation

Plan the work that needs to occur on a piece of equipment for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime by grouping multiple repair items together and assigning appropriate codes, parts, and estimated hours before approving the work to be completed by a mechanic.

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Fleet maintenance work order scheduling

Users can drag and drop work orders on the schedule, click for details and create or assign work orders on one screen. Schedule and telematics data, combined with a view of equipment locations and associated work, allow managers to optimize the efficiency of mechanics on the job.

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Flexible, intuitive views

Choose to view the schedule of maintenance activities for one day or multiple days and toggle easily between mechanic- and equipment-centric views.

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Streamlined inspections and repair requests

Repair requests can be generated automatically from electronic inspection forms using B2W Inform, or created in B2W Maintain and B2W Track. Managing them centrally means work can be completed faster and more efficiently.

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User-defined preventive maintenance plans

Managers can set up recurring maintenance to occur per piece of equipment based on custom defined meter- or calendar-based triggers. They can also apply preventive maintenance templates based on company-specific or manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules for multiple pieces of equipment.

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Enterprise-wide visibility

B2W Maintain gives employees across workflows and departments – with appropriate permission – a single location for a real-time view of:

  • Work Order and Time Card status
  • Repair Requests from the field
  • Unassigned work needing attention
  • Upcoming preventive maintenance due
  • Equipment status location and repair history

Mobile tablet mechanic application

This fleet maintenance and management app makes it easy and efficient to communicate rich data in real time and to create and fulfill repair requests and work orders in the shop or in the field. Mechanics can also access documentation and submit time cards.

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Equipment portal for field users

For companies using B2W Maintain and B2W Track, this feature allows employees on job sites to communicate with maintenance staff about the equipment on their field logs or at their job sites for the past seven days. They can create and send repair requests, view and add notes to existing repair requests, and track previously entered requests.

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Unified with B2W Inform, Track and Schedule

B2W Maintain can receive repair requests from B2W Track or generate them automatically from electronic inspection forms completed with B2W Inform. Equipment status can also be shared between B2W Maintain, Schedule and Track. The real-time communication and a single database for equipment connect the field, shop and office to cut costs, downtime and jobsite disruptions.

Automated warranty tracking

B2W Maintain manages and tracks warranties for your equipment, components, sub-components and parts to maximize coverage. The system generates active-warranty notifications automatically on repair requests and work orders and creates reports providing advanced notification of warranties due to expire.

Parts inventory control

Parts can be tracked individually on an enterprise-wide basis with B2W Maintain. Managers can set locations and bins, adjust inventory where needed, view inventory history information and deduct parts automatically from inventory when they are added to a work order Item. They can also set minimum inventory thresholds and run reports to prevent out-of-stock parts.

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Integration of parts purchasing

Parts ordering can be done using automatic considerations for current inventory, parts on order, and parts already allocated to work orders, and multiple purchase orders for multiple vendors can be created with one button.

Agnostic telematics integration

B2W Maintain amplifies the value of telematics data, providing a platform for aggregating and analyzing information automatically from all telematics systems in accordance with AEMP standards.

B2W Mobile App

The B2W Mobile App for scheduling, dispatching, field tracking, and equipment managemenent and maintenance provides anytime, anywhere access on any Apple or Android tablet device. This single application works across the B2W operations platform, allowing construction companies to work faster and work smarter.

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