B2W Construction Consulting Services

Software development and construction expertise put the B2W team in a strong position to help clients get the most out of their investment.

  • Workflow process analysis and best-practice recommendations regarding software deployment
  • Assistance in integrating with accounting, ERP, project management and DOT systems
  • Customizing import and export routines for specialized integration with other software systems
  • Customizing any standard B2W Software reports or exports according to a company’s specific needs or requests

Consultation Services

Consultation Examples

  • Custom Bid Forms can be created to meet the formatting needs of specific customers
  • Custom Purchase Orders can be created to submit to your vendors and subcontractors
  • Familiar reports from previous estimating or field tracking systems can be recreated in B2W Estimate, Schedule, Track and Maintain elements
  • Excel-based reports and/or homemade reports based on SQL queries can be recreated as reports within B2W Estimate, Schedule, Track and Maintain elements
  • Custom reports and exports can be created to move data from B2W Software elements to your in-house accounting or project management software.