B2W Track

On-target Performance

Drive profitability with real-time field tracking and daily reports. B2W Track is web and mobile software for recording, communicating and analyzing job progress on a daily basis. The easy-to-use solution helps job site managers and supervisors to better track construction projects, control costs and make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information from the field on production, labor, materials and equipment. B2W Track goes far beyond typical construction time tracking, daily log or time card apps. The comprehensive heavy construction tracking software streamlines data collection, delivers real-time visibility and connects directly with other B2W applications.

  • Easy, immediate capture and communication of field progress including productivity, labor, materials and equipment data
  • Central system to structure enterprise data and standardize processes for performance tracking
  • Customized electronic field logs
  • Mobile tablet functionality including job reports, timecards, electronic sign-off and dashboards
  • Unified with B2W estimating, equipment maintenance and scheduling application

“We see a direct correlation between real-time field data and profitability.”

Querino Pacella

Vice President, RJV Construction

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B2W Track Features

Easy, immediate field progress tracking

Field employees can create, edit and submit field logs to track daily progress on jobs and record labor, equipment, and materials, as well as trucking, subcontractors and miscellaneous resources.

Grid View: faster, easier and more accurate field log completion

Grid View simplifies and streamlines how performance data is captured in the field on a tablet. Labor and equipment hours, quantities and overhead costs can be entered into an electronic field log all at once from a single, customizable screen.

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Customized electronic field logs

B2W Track is highly flexible. Field logs can be customized or created by copying from a previous field log or from B2W Schedule. Starting with a template organized in discrete sections, users decide which sections to include and how they would like them to appear.

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Anytime, anywhere mobile tablet functionality

Field employees can create, modify, and submit field logs from tablets, and online or offline modes keep them productive, even without Internet.

Automatic error checking

Field log checks detect missing data or potential errors and notify users so errors can be corrected prior to submission. Automated actions to ignore the condition, display a warning, or make a correction can be customized.

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Daily Production Targets

B2W Track and Schedule make it easy to set and track progress against specific productivity and labor targets for each individual day. That is a far more accurate and effective method than simply averaging totals from the estimate evenly over a length of time.

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Fixed-price and time-and-material work on the same log

With B2W Track, users can differentiate fixed price work from T&M work and track both on the same log. T&M price sheets can also be created, cost limits can be established and reports can be generated for customers to review and sign off on.

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Link employee time tracking & heavy equipment on field logs

Hours entered for employees/operators can be easily copied to a linked piece of construction equipment or vice versa. When tracking time for large crews, this can reduce data entry time significantly.

Electronic time and attendance logging via electronic signatures

Employee signatures can be captured to verify hours, and time cards can be submitted automatically as PDFs. With B2W Track, customized requirements such as acknowledgment of attendance at a daily safety meeting can be included as a condition of signing.

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Customizable dashboards and reporting

B2W Track can deliver reports or dashboards to any user on a on a defined daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This feature provides insight into job performance, with drill downs to investigate trends. Reports are customizable, so users can track unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) critical to their organizations.

Cost Dashboard Prod. Dashboard

Unified with B2W Maintain and B2W Schedule

Creating field logs in B2W Schedule, creating repair requests in B2W Track, a single mobile app, and real-time communication and visibility across workflows are among the benefits of a unified operations platform.

Direct import from B2W Estimate

Bid information and phase codes can be imported directly from B2W Estimate to B2W Track, eliminating redundant data entry and enabling an accurate analysis of estimated versus actual costs.

Electronic transfer to accounting systems

B2W Track creates a seamless, efficient and accurate link between the field and accounting by supporting the export of detailed field production information to a file that can be imported by the industry’s leading accounting systems.

Granular user security

Users can use default pre-configured security roles or define specific levels of access to B2W Track for various employees.

B2W Mobile App

The B2W Mobile App for scheduling, dispatching, field tracking, and equipment managemenent and maintenance provides anytime, anywhere access on any Apple or Android tablet device. This single application works across the B2W operations platform, allowing construction companies to work faster and work smarter.