Getting the Most Out of High-Performance Construction Management Software from B2W

Initial and ongoing construction software training is customized and delivered on-site, online, at B2W headquarters or at user conferences. The B2W team gets clients up and running quickly, improves their capabilities, and keeps them up to speed on new features.

Getting Better

Getting Started

For estimating or operational elements of the B2W platform, an upfront investment in training pays big dividends by ensuring a smooth start up, immediate employee buy-in and long-term success.

Getting Better

B2W Software adds client-driven features and capabilities constantly. On-site or online training are great ways to stay on top of these valuable updates and to bring new employees up to speed.

At Your Convenience

B2W training is flexible, with options that include:

  • On-site – convenient and cost effective, particularly for larger groups
  • At B2W Headquarters – a comfortable and distraction-free environment
  • Online – especially effective for experienced users and for updates on new features


High-Value User Conference

For new as well as experienced users, the B2W User Conference provides exceptional opportunities for:

  • Intensive group and one-on-one training
  • Networking with other construction professionals
  • Best-practice insight from colleagues using the software
  • Consultation with the B2W team regarding challenges and feature suggestions


B2W Estimate is so easy to learn. Our first and only training was at the ‘expert’ level, and it was very well done. Once we had databases built to our liking, we were bidding from day one.

Jeff Bailey, Landmark Construction

As with any change involving new, advanced technology, there was a little expected resistance among some employees comfortable with existing systems,” he explains. “That disappeared almost immediately, as they saw how easy the software was to use and how it made it much easier for them to be even more productive.

Gerhard Ens, Steed and Evans