B2W Cloud

Optimal Performance

Cloud hosting ensures optimal software performance and it can free a construction company from the expense, IT expertise and security concerns of establishing and continuously updating its own server environments.

  • Eliminate the costs and IT requirements of maintaining in-house server capacity.
  • Optimize B2W Software performance by always running on the latest, high-performance technology, with continuous updates.
  • Keep data secure and protect network access with fault-tolerant data centers, redundant network and physical security, and automated backup and restoration.
  • Access the B2W platform from anywhere with an Internet connection to work and collaborate easily in real time.
  • Get performance, security and support advantages over generic options with the B2W Cloud.

“With the B2W Cloud, hardware maintenance, backups and security are handled by people who are better at it than we are.”

Mark Galasso

President & Co-Owner

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Advantages of the Specialized B2W Cloud

A preferred partner

B2W can provide specialized construction industry options through its preferred Cloud partner to amplify the advantages of cloud hosting of the B2W construction management platform.

High-performance technology

Fast, powerful virtual servers exceed B2W specifications. That hardware, along with the latest Microsoft Windows and SQL software and licenses contractors need, are included and updated automatically.

Impenetrable security

Multi-layered security limits access to only authorized users, and an advanced backup and recovery system guards against corruption and disasters. Each data center features fault-tolerant servers, redundant bandwidth, networking equipment, fire suppression and auxiliary power.

Seamless integration

The B2W team can access the back end of the cloud infrastructure to maintain or update software when contractors want them to. If a cloud-related issue arises, it’s corrected quickly, with no doubt or finger pointing between a generic cloud hosting provider and B2W.

Customizable homepage

The homepage lists B2W elements a contractor can launch and incudes a customizable area where information or links can be added and a built-in messaging function to help users collaborate.

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Simplified management and reporting

User access to B2W elements is created and controlled easily from within the B2W Cloud portal. A Reports area provides detailed information on user activity.

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