B2W Construction Software Integrates Easily with Accounting, ERP and Project Management Systems

With the ONE Platform for estimating and operations, communicating with construction accounting software, construction ERP and construction project management systems is fast, easy and accurate. A direct connection cuts lag time in transferring information from the field or the office and accelerates the reporting that is essential for data-driven decision making. A link with accounting software for construction companies, construction payroll software and ERP systems also minimizes redundant re-keying or re-entering of information into multiple formats and systems, increasing the integrity of the data.


Seamless Data Integration with Leading Accounting and ERP Systems

B2W clients can establish a seamless link between some accounting/ERP systems and the B2W Platform. With this model, information entered or maintained in the accounting/ERP system automatically updates B2W Estimate and the unified B2W operational database supporting the B2W scheduling, field tracking and equipment maintenance solutions. The data transfers occur automatically and eliminate the need to maintain redundant data in separate databases.

Getting Better

Exporting from the B2W Platform

Information entered and maintained on the B2W Platform – an estimate, or operational data such as labor hours and equipment or material utilization, for example – can be exported electronically to a file in seconds. That file can then be imported to project management and accounting software for construction from dozens of leading suppliers (examples below).

B2W Estimate is so easy to learn. Our first and only training was at the ‘expert’ level, and it was very well done. Once we had databases built to our liking, we were bidding from day one.

Jeff Bailey, Landmark Construction

As with any change involving new, advanced technology, there was a little expected resistance among some employees comfortable with existing systems,” he explains. “That disappeared almost immediately, as they saw how easy the software was to use and how it made it much easier for them to be even more productive.

Gerhard Ens, Steed and Evans