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Actionable Intelligence

B2W Inform streamlines data capture enterprise-wide and delivers the reporting and analytics contractors need to improve heavy construction safety management, equipment inspections, quality, performance and financial outcomes. Fast, easy creation and management of highly configurable form templates enable construction companies to utilize software to replace inefficient paper-based processes, capture richer content in real-time and connect field and office employees anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Fast drag-and-drop creation of highly configurable form templates
  • Expansive reporting capabilities and immediate alerts and notifications driven by form data
  • Online capabilities as well as offline mode with a mobile app
  • Ideal for safety management, equipment inspections and dozens of other construction use cases
  • Data binding of form fields to unified B2W operational data

RJV Construction talks about Construction Safety Software from B2W Software

“I see the data in real time. With paper forms, it could be weeks.”

Matt DeLuca

RJV Construction, Project Manager

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B2W Inform Dashboard

B2W Inform Features

Data capture and analytics

B2W Inform collects, combines and analyzes data from forms developed by the application. This provides companies with an effective, enterprise-wide system that expands the scope and quality of data mining, eliminates time-consuming manual efforts and opens up opportunities for advanced reporting and alerts.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

B2W Inform is accessible via a mobile app or web browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone. That mobility empowers managers and field employees to fill out forms, run reports, check dashboards and stay organized and in the know.

Use B2W Inform Universally

With custom forms accessed at any time on any device, B2W Inform can save time and money while increasing efficiency and accuracy across dozens of forms-related tasks, including:

  • Safety meetings and toolbox talks
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses
  • Equipment inspections
  • Site inspections or audits
  • Surveys
  • Asset Management
  • Trucking Tickets
  • Checklists
  • Inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Permits
  • State DOT forms
  • Material Usage
  • And More…

Offline as well as online functionality

With the mobile app, contractors can use B2W Inform in an offline mode at sites without Internet connectivity or in situations when limiting data utilization can cut costs. Forms are downloaded in advance and then synched easily for distribution and reporting as soon as a connection is established.

Customized reporting

Reports and dashboards generated by B2W Inform turn data into actionable business intelligence. This reporting provides insight into trends and processes, enhances analytics and data-driven decision making and expands collaboration. The Report Scheduling feature even allows users to manage one-off or recurring reports and deliver them by e-mail at scheduled times.

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Immediate, event-driven alerts

Automated alerts triggered by events or incidents documented in an electronic form can be delivered to selected recipients by E-mail, text or in the Inform application to alert employees immediately. This allows them to correct or adjust operations faster, prevent problems and keep everyone in the know.

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Generate repair requests automatically from equipment inspections

Repair equipment faster and more efficiently by customizing electronic forms for inspections and linking them to the B2W Maintain maintenance management application. The process is simple. When a completed inspection form indicates that repairs are needed, that data can move immediately to B2W Maintain, generating a repair request automatically.

Customized forms and a free library to get started

Highly configurable form templates enable contractors to collect the specific data they need, manage fewer forms and meet all health, safety and regulatory requirements. B2W even provides a free library of user-ready form templates for common use cases.

Data binding of form fields to unified B2W operational data

Data binding form fields – such as employee, equipment or job lists – to a unified database speeds up the process and guarantees accuracy and consistency. There is no need to search for correct information or make guesses. Everything is available within the form via data-bound fields. When the central database is updated, so are the options on any linked forms.

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Fast, easy drag-and-drop form template creation

B2W Inform makes it easy to break free from the rigidity and manual effort of standard programs and customize templates and forms to meet specific needs. No graphic design or IT skills are required. The extensive palette of drag-and-drop options includes:

  • Text Areas
  • Checkboxes
  • Pick Lists
  • E-signatures
  • Calculations
  • GPS
  • Timestamping
  • Media Capture
  • And More…

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Automated routing and approvals

With the Inform Approve/Deny Workflow feature, an employee filling out a form can add one or more reviewers to the form. These levels of approval have built-in routing sequences and notifications to ensure a structured workflow.

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Role-based security

B2W Inform administrators set the parameters for who can create form templates, fill out specific forms, approve or deny forms, and access resulting data.

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