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Precise Coordination and Scheduling of Employee, Equipment and Material Resources

  • Role-specific visibility and functionality across the enterprise
  • Real-time execution of resource requests and fulfillment
  • Mobile tablet and desktop access and functionality
  • Equipment scheduling and job planning unified with B2W equipment maintenance and field tracking applications
  • Reports and dashboards for data-driven analytics

Better Visibility, Communication and Collaboration

Replacing a disconnected mix of spreadsheets, phone calls, whiteboards and messages for construction resource planning with B2W Schedule simplifies processes and provides real-time visibility. Office and field employees can work together to keep construction projects running at optimal efficiency.

B2W Mobile App

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B2W Scheduling, Planning & Dispatching Features

Intuitive, multi-day interface for scheduling and dispatching

B2W Schedule provides a day-by-day view of resource assignments, resource needs, equipment moves, and material orders. Assigning or re-assigning employees, crews and equipment to job sites or places is done with drag-and-drop simplicity, and assignments can be planned as far out into the future as needed.

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Unlimited, customizable views

B2W Schedule users can apply multiple filters and groupings to customize how they view the schedule according to their specific roles and requirements, and the same views are accessible on a desktop or mobile device. An unlimited number of these user-defined views can be stored, and security restrictions can be set up to determine which views can be seen by which employees.

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Desktop and mobile tablet functionality ensure your team can schedule and plan from anywhere

Maximize scheduling with mobile tablet as well as desktop capabilities. From resolving conflicts and creating needs to filling assignments and generating moves, B2W Schedule keeps everyone in touch and up to date – even when they are on the move.

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Map view – allows project managers and dispatchers to see where project assets are physically scheduled

The advanced map function lets users view job sites and equipment locations in relation to each other geographically, so they can schedule resources, fill needs and move equipment with maximum efficiency. They can also create boundaries with geofencing and incorporate real-time information on traffic, accidents and road construction delays.

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Assignment of equipment moves to drivers, vehicles and subcontractors

The move queue within the move planner organizes equipment moves for the user to manage. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, moves can be assigned to transport crews comprised of drivers and vehicles or to subcontracted crews provided by outside organizations.

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Daily Production Targets

B2W Track and Schedule make it easy to set and track progress against specific productivity and labor targets for each individual day. That is a far more accurate and effective method than simply averaging totals from the estimate evenly over a length of time.

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Works with B2W Track

Resource needs created in the B2W Track field tracking solution are instantly visible and actionable in B2W Schedule. B2W Track users also gain visibility into available and assigned resources and they can create field logs using assignments from B2W Schedule.

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Works with B2W Maintain

Knowing when an asset is down for repair, scheduled for maintenance or expected to be back in service is vital for the dispatching and scheduling team. This information from B2W Maintain can be accessed in real time within B2W Schedule when a company uses both B2W applications.

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High-value reporting

B2W Schedule includes powerful reporting, dashboards, and export capabilities, allowing companies to drill deeper into their data, analyze moves, view crew availability, track production targets and summarize activity. Subscriptions can also be set up, so selected employees get what they need to see when they need to see it.

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Automated conflict identification and resolution

B2W Schedule proactively searches for instances when resources are unavailable, double assigned or being moved to the wrong site. The application then produces an organized list of these conflicts and presents users with the necessary information and resources to resolve them in a logical, methodical manner.

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B2W Mobile App

The B2W Mobile App for scheduling, dispatching, field tracking, and equipment managemenent and maintenance provides anytime, anywhere access on any Apple or Android tablet device. This single application works across the B2W operations platform, allowing construction companies to work faster and work smarter.