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B2W Grows Construction Management Software

Founder and CEO Paul McKeon discusses B2W Software’s history, recent expansion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and unique software solutions for heavy civil construction.

The Top 10 Capabilities for Fast, Accurate Estimating

Construction Executive magazine “Tech Trends – B2W product manager Patrick Reitz outlines the key capabilities to look for in a specialized software solution for estimating and bidding.

James D. Morrissey Adds New Software Platform to Increase Productivity

ACP Constructioneer Magazine – Estimator and project manager John Ehling says a unified B2W Software platform for estimating, field tracking and equipment maintenance gives James D. Morrissey, Inc. operational and strategic advantages.

Moving to a Maintenance Management Program

January/February 2016 – CFMA Building Profits Magazine – B2W Software business analyst Jennifer Angrisano explores why a growing number of construction companies are adopting software-based maintenance management program, what those programs should include and some industry benchmarks for evaluating maintenance programs. In heavy construction, very little is accomplished without equipment. Keeping increasingly sophisticated assets on […]

Grading & Excavation Contractor Magazine

December 7, 2015 ONE Platform Yields More Competitive Bids While Streamlining Operations Check out how C.A. Hull, a bridge and heavy civil construction specialist headquartered in Walled Lake, Michigan, uses B2W Software’s Estimate, Dispatch, Maintain and Track elements as a single, unified platform to eliminate inaccurate data and provide real-time information for more efficient operations […]

Specialized Estimating Software Delivers Advantages For DOT Bids

Heavy construction companies serving Departments of Transportation (DOTs) throughout the United States gain competitive advantages with estimating software. B2W Estimate, for example, is a software application developed by B2W Software of Portsmouth, N.H., that allows estimators to import electronic bid forms from any state, convert estimates automatically to match the required DOT format, and then upload them for submission.

B2W Maintain Nominated for High Tech Council’s Product of the Year

And then there were five. The judging panel for the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s Product of the Year award listened to 30-minute presentations from nine companies on Friday before selecting five to compete as finalists.

How to Optimize Telematics with a Maintenance Management Program

The use of telematics to track fuel use, engine hours, GPS location, fault codes and numerous other metrics is nothing new. What is new is the opportunity to optimize that data by adopting industry standards and a software-based Maintenance Management Program.

Streamlining Mobile Tech

Technology is gaining prevalence in the construction industry. While this upward momentum in tech—specifically mobile tech—allows contractors benefits such as GPS tracking, account management, bidding, equipment management, etc., there remains a drawback. A primarily untapped market has the potential, once technology gains footing, to become flooded with various software and applications. This issue is already affecting the construction industry.

B2W Software Honored for Construction Software

Constructech named B2W Software to its list of “Top 50” most influential construction technology providers for the sixth consecutive year. B2W is also one of only 13 companies remaining on this list since it began in 2009.

Behind the Curtain

“We are a service company that happens to sell software,” summarizes Jeff Pankratz, B2W Software vice president of client services. Pankratz is featured in an article covering how software companies train and support contractors using their products in Grading & Excavation Contractor magazine.

Structural Constructor Constructs New IT ‘Structure’

Brosamer & Wall,, Walnut Creek, Calif., offers structural concrete construction, bridges, viaducts, flood control and water transfer structures, and airport paving services. As with other construction enterprises, company employees can benefit from “24/7” access to business information to adjust operations—and make strategic business decisions.

Concrete Specialist Leverages Software For Profitability

With margin pressure and job complexity increasing, estimator and project manager Mark Nielsen of Gerber Construction says a standardized, enterprise-class system for estimating and bidding is vital to allowing his firm to produce bids quickly and easily.

Unlocking the Power of Operational Data

Capturing and using data more effectively represents an opportunity for many companies to streamline workflows and improve cost competitiveness. The challenge is that information vital to efficiency and strategic decision-making is often static, disconnected, or bogged down in inefficient systems.

Next Generation of Data Collection

To help, B2W Software,, Portsmouth, N.H., released its new Inform solution, which provides a method for creating dynamic forms that allow users to collect more useful data and then build reports and dashboards, helping companies make better-informed business decisions. B2W is helping the construction industry address the data analytics issue with Inform.

Leading the Way in Construction Software

Receiving multiple awards over the years for its highly innovative, intuitive, and state-of-the-art products, B2W Software, Inc. continues to work with clients in the construction sector to create smart software solutions to meet the needs of all customers.

Driving Estimation, Dispatch, Tracking, and Maintenance through ONE Platform

McKeon feels that the construction industry is a margin-pressured space that is struggling to implement technologies that can address their needs. Additionally, construction companies have been operating the same way for years, and as a result, the industry has become rigid to embrace new technologies.

Cloud Technology Transforms Estimating

Construction companies continue to adapt to cloud technology, with technology partnerships on the upswing and focus on improving estimating and bidding, field tracking, and analysis—as well as resource planning, dispatching, and maintenance.

Constructech Announces the 2014 Constructech 50

Software and hardware in the construction industry is rapidly evolving, which makes it difficult for companies to keep up with the latest cloud-based systems. This leads to the question: Which construction-technology companies are the most influential with a strong market presence? To answer this question, Constructech magazine unveils its annual list of the leading technology companies in its sixth edition of the Constructech 50 in its July/Aug issue of its magazine. Only 18 companies have remained on the ranking’s list since its inception.

Putting Mobile to Work

For Robert Dye, vice president and CFO, Panaroma Corp.,, Alta Loma, Calif., a company that provides mass grading, fine grading, performance concrete, and asphalt paving services, jobs are spread out across far distances. As such, the company was having a difficult time getting the paperwork to easily flow back to the office.