Preventive Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Preventive Maintenance is the backbone of a productive, profitable heavy civil construction company. As a matter of fact, keeping assets in the field running and maximizing utilization is, in large part, the Shop Manager’s main focus and a large piece of the profitability puzzle. The modern Shop Manager must analyze the fleet and the capabilities […]

Top 10 Things You Can’t Do With Paper Forms

Paper forms and the headaches that accompany them are all too familiar in the construction industry. For many years, paper forms were the most effective solution for capturing data in the field, as digital, mobile solutions were unavailable, not user friendly, or cost prohibitive. However, this has changed significantly in the last ten years with […]

Defining World-Class Software Support

Any computer user who has ever placed a call to a support hotline knows the difference between a quality support experience and, well, the opposite. But what does quality support really mean?  Let’s start by talking about what it isn’t. How many of us have… called a support line, only to be greeted by an […]

The Value Proposition for Mobile in Heavy Civil Construction

Heavy civil construction projects need to carefully manage logistics in order to ensure success. Project complexities are driven by large amounts of resources over huge geographic regions, with three key resources needing optimization so projects are efficient and successful: People Equipment Materials The rise of mobile technology is well aligned to address the field operations […]

Technology to the Rescue

Recognizing the advantages of new technologies and enabling them in practice, the industry can realize improvements in efficiency & productivity.

Digitizing Your Holistic Safety Program on the Construction Job Site

Working in the construction industry comes with its fair share of risks: roughly 20% of all worker deaths occur at construction jobsites, with the top four causes of these fatalities including falling, being struck by an object, electrocution, and getting caught/compressed between two objects. In order to help keep workers risk-free and jobsites compliant, a […]

B2W’s Guide to Managing Construction Costs

Explore 6 essential steps contractors can take to shift to a more proactive, real-time approach to managing construction costs at the operations level.

Streamlining Key Construction Operations with Software

Equipment inspections, repair requests and maintenance work orders are essential, every-day processes within heavy construction operations. Let’s take a look at: How contractors typically complete these process and the challenges they face with current workflows. How they could complete them more effectively with connected workflows and a unified construction software platform. Problems with Paper and […]

Going Paperless: The Benefits of e-Forms in Construction

The switch to digital forms in the construction industry has closed the gap between the field and the office; between identifying a problem & correcting it.

B2W Track Tips & Tricks

We’re all pressed for time and trying to “do more with less”. This blog post highlights little-known and underutilized features in B2W Track to help recoup some time each day. Over the years, B2W Software continuously adds great features, and more than a few go unnoticed – including these overlooked gems. Exclude Zero Cost Labor […]

Automated Warranty Tracking

Contractors maintaining a few dozen or a few hundred pieces of equipment know that keeping track of warranties and optimizing coverage are real challenges. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost by not knowing which repairs and replacements could be covered and when.

B2W Estimate and the Error-check Wizard

For heavy construction cost estimators juggling multiple bids on a tight deadline, every second counts and – if they aren’t careful – so can every error. That’s one reason why the B2W Estimate software application includes a unique and powerful tool: the Estimate Error-check Wizard.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Construction

While similarities exist between vertical and horizontal construction projects, there are key differences that alter software requirements.

Field-centric cost management at M.A. Mortenson Company

An accounting or ERP system is the go-to tool for managing project costs at many heavy construction companies, but those systems are specifically designed for recording and reporting after costs occur. The limitation is that they are not very effective at helping contractors stay on top of project costs where and when those costs actually […]

The Key to Connectivity – Unlocking the Full Potential of Mobile Technology in Construction

Technology is gaining prevalence in the construction industry. While this upward momentum in tech—specifically mobile tech—allows contractors benefits such as GPS tracking, account management, bidding, equipment management, etc., there remains a drawback. A primarily untapped market has the potential, once technology gains footing, to become flooded with various software and applications. This issue is already affecting the construction industry.