Field Tracking and Accounting Software for Construction
Field Tracking and Accounting Software for Construction

Aligning Field Tracking and Accounting Software for Construction

In heavy construction, there’s a growing understanding that using specialized construction field tracking software, along with accounting software, is an essential combination. Although many ERP or accounting systems offer some project tracking features, they’re designed with accounting logic and for accounting priorities, so they don’t always deliver the timely and specialized insight into construction project tracking to be truly effective for the operations team.

Specialized performance tracking software, like B2W Track, utilizes electronic field logs to capture productivity, labor hours, equipment and material utilization and other data, typically as a daily report. These applications also provide reports tailored for monitoring and adjusting field operations. They’re easy for teams on job sites to use and help them make quick decisions and handle day-to-day on-site adjustments better than accounting software can.

Schlouch uses both construction accounting and tracking software

The team at Schlouch benefit from combining B2W Track and Viewpoint

Mortenson Construction, Brubacher Excavating and D.A. Collins Kubricky Construction are among hundreds of contractors using B2W heavy construction field tracking software cohesively with leading accounting systems from Viewpoint, Foundation, Sage, Oracle and others. They’re doing this to cut out extra work, improve how accurate their data is, and get daily updates on how projects are doing financially. They’re picking systems that are made for tracking work on site and making sure these fit well with their accounting software.

Field Tracking and Accounting Software for Construction

Mortenson Construction using B2W’s construction daily report software

Leveraging the accounting and field tracking software can provide a solution that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. Contractors in the heavy construction industry are realizing how vital it is to have both these types of software working together to run their projects smoothly.

M&M Excavating, out of Michigan, has found the smooth integration between B2W and construction accounting software, Foundation, an essential requirement for connecting the office, field and the shop. “The B2W platform is a facilitator: it provides the technology and communication tools to help us work together as a team,” CFO Brandie Meisner explains, “we’re gaining so much time, and the foremen are taking more ownership of the process while gaining a greater appreciation for what goes into job costing and Accounting”.

Rich King, CFO at Schlouch Incorporated, sees the value in combining specialized tracking systems and accounting software for construction. This combination meets the need for highly detailed financial reporting while also helping the company adjust operations in real-time and address threats to profitability early on.

When contractors bring together these specialized tracking systems and accounting software for construction, they get the best of both worlds. Accounting software, the system of record, gives a big picture view and to-the-penny accuracy. Specialized construction progress tracking software gives timely information on progress versus plan in a field-centric format needed for project managers to make data-driven decisions on site.

Consistency in how contractors reference jobs, cost and phase codes, employee details, equipment and labor rates and other data ensures that this data can move easily between the two systems. This saves time, eliminates errors and redundant data entry and keeps everything flowing smoothly between fieldwork and financial management.

A single solution, like that offered by some ERPs, might seem appealing. However, in the end, using accounting systems along with construction daily report software is the key to making projects successful. It helps construction managers handle the ins and outs of their projects, blending quick on-site work with smart financial management for better results.

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The pitfalls of using software designed for accounting, for construction project tracking.

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