New Survey Yields Interesting Results on Technology in Heavy Construction

Heavy construction companies know there’s a lot to gain when their office, field and maintenance operations run efficiently and communicate with each other in real time. Most recognize that they need software and mobile capabilities to make this happen. Still, many stop short of investing and continue to miss out on opportunities technology could provide.

Those are key takeaways from a new research survey conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics in partnership with B2W Software.

The survey in early 2018 asked contractors in the U.S. and Canada to weigh in on the value of various technologies, how they are using them today and how they plan to use them going forward in operational processes ranging from data capture and analysis and cost management to safety, fleet maintenance, scheduling and dispatching.

Contractors indicated that software and mobile capabilities were helping them and would continue to help them in all of these areas. However, there were some interesting discrepancies between theory and practice. Some of the feedback also indicated that construction companies may not fully appreciate the potential of technology. For example:

  • 99% of those surveyed use mobile technology; but the data indicates many do not leverage it or do not realize its full potential to help them in areas like fleet maintenance, safety, scheduling and dispatching
  • 75% agree better, more timely data on how projects are performing would help them complete those projects on schedule and on budget; but many still rely on paper processes, and less than 50% get safety, performance and labor data on a daily basis
  • High percentages acknowledged software and mobile technology could help them improve equipment related processes like preventive maintenance, inspections, scheduling and work order processing; but relatively few envisioned using mobile apps for equipment (43%), specialized maintenance software (34%) or telematics (37%) within the next two years

These are just a few sample results. You can click here to review a summary of the research. Dodge Data and B2W also put together a series of webinars to explore the data in more detail, and you can access the recordings at the same link.


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