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B2W Cloud

Exploring Construction Technology in the Cloud

Whether they’re looking for performance and cost advantages across essential construction projects in general or specific ways to better use mobile construction technology and desktop applications, more and more contractors are considering the Cloud. These are the most common questions they ask us as they explore options for running B2W estimating and operations elements in a cloud environment.

Will B2W Software run faster and perform better in the Cloud or on our own servers?

You can get optimal speed and performance either way. The big difference is that, with the B2W Cloud, that performance is ensured. Updates to the server hardware and the supporting software like Microsoft Windows and SQL are completed continuously and automatically. Your team doesn’t need to take any action, even as specifications changes, technology evolves and updated versions are introduced.

B2W can guide you when you maintain your own server environment, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that the environment meets specifications to ensure top performance.

What costs more: cloud hosting or maintaining our own servers?

There are tradeoffs. Factors like existing IT infrastructure and expertise as well as the overall ecosystem of software applications for estimating, operations, accounting, ERP and other functions can impact the answer for each contractor.

With Cloud hosting, you typically pay a monthly fee. This varies, depending primarily on the server capacity to handle the number of users and the complexity of their applications. With your own environment, it’s important not to overlook an important cost-related fact. Expense don’t end with the initial setup of the system. You will need to maintain and update your infrastructure as technology advances and your requirements evolve. That may require hardware and software updates as well as IT expertise.

Are there big security risks with having our data and applications out there in the Cloud?

A cloud environment can actually provide several security advantages. You can choose data centers with fault-tolerant servers, redundant storage and state-of-the-art protection against fires, floods and other physical risks. That type of security is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate on your own.

Cloud providers also backup your data at regular intervals automatically, so recovery is generally faster and easier. Redundant server capacity can also allow your teams to continue working, even if there is an issue with a server. Finally, multi-layered cloud security can limit access to only authorized users and give you the power to manage which of your users have access to which of your software applications.

What are the differences between the B2W Cloud and a more generic cloud services provider?

With the B2W Cloud, you are ensured that fast, powerful virtual servers exceed B2W specifications and provide the highest levels of data and network security. The latest versions of the Microsoft Windows and SQL software and licenses you need are also included in the cloud hosting program.

Another big advantage is that, the B2W implementation and support staff can access the back end of the cloud infrastructure, with your approval. This allows them to maintain or update B2W software whenever you give them the go-ahead. If a cloud-related issue arises, it can be corrected quickly. There’s no doubt or finger pointing between a generic cloud hosting provider and B2W.

Will functionality and user interfaces of the B2W software be different if it is hosted in the Cloud?

When you launch a B2W element, interfaces, appearances and functionality are exactly as they would be if you were running on your own servers. It’s literally the same software. You’re just running in the Cloud instead of in your own environment.

Contact us today to find out more about the potential performance, cost and security benefits of B2W Cloud.

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