Contractors realizing big benefits by auto generating repair requests from construction equipment inspections
Contractors realizing big benefits by auto generating repair requests from construction equipment inspections

Auto-generating Equipment Repair Requests from Inspection Forms

Early adopters are praising a new ONE Platform capability. With this new ability, they are able to auto-generate equipment repair requests from inspection forms.

Danielle Ehler of Zutphen Contractors and Jon Ewart of GW-EX are among the first users confirming that the new workflow helps them to identify and complete equipment repair work more efficiently. A new video from B2W illustrates the process.

VIDEO: A Better Equipment Inspection Workflow with the ONE Platform

Using a new API connection, contractors can now set up information from electronic equipment inspection forms created with B2W Inform to trigger the auto-generation of repair requests in B2W Maintain. Data from the inspection forms, including notes and photos, can also populate the repair request automatically, providing mechanics with thorough, accurate information needed to prioritize and initiate repairs. The process eliminates lag time and manual steps for transferring this data.

“The new system is very effective for getting information from inspections back to the shop and into the maintenance software right away,” explains Danielle Ehler, of Zutphen Contractors.

Ehler says it was easy for things to get missed in the handoff, or for minor equipment issues to be overlooked when the heavy civil and marine construction specialist based in Nova Scotia, Canada relied on paper inspection forms and phone calls initiate up to 40 repair requests monthly.

GW-EX, an excavating company based in Ontario, Canada, faced similar efficiency, accountability and visibility challenges when repair requests were generated based on phone calls, text messages or paper forms submitted to the shop supervisor. Drivers or operators frequently claimed to have reported defects, while mechanics claimed they did not receive the information, according to Ewart.

GW-EX has close to 100 pieces of equipment and generates more than 100 requests monthly for emergency and preventive maintenance.

“Now, there is a record and history of the request being submitted and also investigated by our mechanics,” according to Ewart. “We have also been able to prioritize work more effectively, so issues impacting safety and production take priority over less significant, cosmetic requests.”

How it works

  • Create and manage electronic forms for equipment inspections with B2W Inform
  • Set up conditions on inspection forms that will trigger a repair request in B2W Maintain, such as an indication of damage
  • Map inspection form fields to the format of equipment repair requests in B2W Maintain
  • Fill out inspection forms
  • The B2W Software API connection triggers and populates repair requests in B2W Maintain according to how the inspection form is completed

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