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Software for Equipment Maintenance at D.A. Collins/Kubricky

We need to come into the future, not go back into the past,” says Jeremy Teneyck in summarizing the role of B2W Maintain at D.A. Collins/Kubricky Construction.

Before Implementing B2W Maintain

The company has 15 mechanics in two shop locations. Six more are on the road. That team services more than 600 assets used for bridge construction, paving, site development, marine and utility jobs across the northeastern US.

Teneyck says the maintenance program was in a “stone age” state prior to adopting B2W Software to automate preventive maintenance, streamline processes and access real-time information.

We were running off of spreadsheets, and it was all paper work orders,” he elaborates.

Equipment Maintenance at D.A. Collins

Moving to Specialized Software

Now, telematics data, including operating hours, flows into B2W Maintain from the equipment. That information triggers an automated preventive maintenance program that has helped to push uptime rates above 90 percent. The maintenance team typically sets the system up to alert them 40 hours in advance of when preventive services are due. The heads up helps them hit the intervals while also scheduling mechanics efficiently and minimizing disruptions on jobsites.

Repair requests created in the field by employees using the B2W Track field tracking and analysis application also move directly to the maintenance software. “We know almost instantly if a machine is down,” says Jake Teliska, Service Coordinator. “There is no telephone game.” Personnel in the field also see that equipment problems are being addressed and that their requests have not gone into a black hole.

Information and, more specifically, real-time access to it is an advantage with the specialized maintenance software. Mechanics at D.A. Collins/Kubricky all have tablets. That’s how they get assignments through B2W Maintain, including the tasks they have to perform and the parts they need. They can also look at the repair history for a machine or get any necessary documentation instantly.

They don’t have to call back to the shop and ask us to go back and look in a file,” adds Teneyck. “They have the information in their hands.”

Integrating with Payroll

Payroll is another area where B2W Maintain has added efficiency and accuracy. Mechanic hours are tied to and recorded within work orders. Managers approve the hours daily and send the information electronically to the Spectrum accounting program for payroll processing.

Benefits of Integrating with the Full ONE Platform

Using B2W Maintain as part of the B2W ONE Platform extends the advantages at D.A. Collins/Kubricky. B2W Track connects the field and the shop in terms of repair requests, and the B2W Maintain and B2W Schedule combination provides greater visibility and coordination between deployment and servicing of equipment.

I think a company our size would never be able to get by without having a system like B2W Maintain for preventive maintenance, work orders and time sheets,” Teneyck concludes.

We’ve calculated the cost savings over the years of using B2W Maintain, and it’s been outstanding,” adds Teliska. “The savings, and the amount of time saved too, is by far, where you’d want to be. You don’t want to step back.”