Creating an efficient, effective plan and adjusting it on the fly are big challenges in heavy construction project scheduling. Getting the latest information about assignments to the people impacted shouldn’t be.

In addition to providing enterprise-wide visibility into a central schedule, B2W Schedule makes it simple for users to push notifications about assignments by email or text message immediately, accurately and efficiently. This is another big advantage that real-time, online construction scheduling software provides over processes that rely on spreadsheets, whiteboards and the chaotic, disconnected phone calls, emails and texts that many contractors are all too familiar with.

The B2W system first identifies, for the scheduler or dispatcher, when an action taken in the software may require a notification. This action could be a new assignment, an update or change to an assignment or the removal of an assignment. The notification can go to an employee, transport crew, truck or trucking organization.

In the example below, the dispatcher has opened an employee-centric view of the schedule in B2W Schedule and added or updated assignments for 21 employees. Once the dispatcher is set with their schedules, he or she can prompt the system to “Send Notification”, using the panel built into the right side of the screen. Even though 27 employees are on the schedule, the dispatcher sees that only 21 of them have new or updated assignments.

B2W Schedule - Software

From there, the dispatcher can select who to push notifications to and how (email or text) and add a comment. In this example, “Don’t forget your PPE!” selected employees then receive the message instantly. In this case, the text message below shows where and when the operator has been assigned and provides important information like the address, supervisor, foreman and relevant notes.

B2W Schedule - Mobile Software

Delivery and mass haul notifications work the same way. They can be sent to drivers that are internal employees as well as to drivers or dispatchers from an independent trucking company or subcontractor. Having the appropriate cell number or email address entered in the unified B2W operations database that powers B2W Schedule is all that is required.

Scheduling employees, coordinating equipment moves and dispatching trucks with maximum efficiency over time and across jobs goes a long way towards ensuring profitability. With B2W Schedule, contractors can manage all three functions cohesively, instead of with three separate systems, optimizing assignments in the original schedule and adjusting them to meet changing needs.

Notification capabilities complete the picture. They provide an easy, structured way to communicate the latest information about assignments while eliminating fragmented or redundant efforts, inefficiency, delays and uncertainty.

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