Don’t Just Collect Safety Data – Use It to Create Actionable Measures and Precautions on the Job Site

Every construction company collects a high volume of safety information, but Minger Construction is using B2W Inform to do something not many others do particularly well. “Instead of just collecting the information, we can actually use it to identify trends and improve our performance,” explains Mike Nelson, safety director for the Minnesota based company.

Minger creates Daily Crew Safety Briefing (“toolbox talk”), Report of Injury, Equipment Inspection, Daily Operations Journal, Utility Damage, and Risk & Safety Scorecard forms with B2W Inform. Capturing data electronically strengthens and streamlines reporting. “We can reference past data and generate reports without the tedious, manual effort and sorting through papers that was required in the past,” according to Nelson.

Read the Minger Construction case study

The benefits of being paperless don’t stop there. “Filling out paper forms is cumbersome, and the lag time in getting the data back was a liability,” says Nelson. “We would also get inconsistent data depending on the effort, accuracy or the style of the person filling out the forms.”

Alerts & Notifications is proving to be another important feature. Forms at Minger are set up to deliver an immediate notification by text, e-mail or within the application when triggered by a specific event or incident noted on a form. As an example, Nelson says he is notified instantly every time an injury is documented.

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