Building the forms themselves can seem like a daunting step for contractors thinking about making the move from paper to e-forms. Now, B2W has made that even easier.

The B2W Inform solution now comes with a free library of form templates. Based on best-practice experience from contractors already using Inform, the templates provide a head start in creating forms for safety, inspections and other common use cases.

The library also highlights another advantage of the B2W Inform concept: highly customized and configurable forms.

Other e-forms solutions give contractors hundreds of generic forms in an attempt to cover every possible scenario or requirement. The problem is, that volume of forms is difficult to manage and, no matter how many forms they have, they never seem to have the right one.

B2W takes a different approach. B2W Inform features easy, intuitive drag-and-drop authoring tools. Instead of sorting through hundreds of generic forms trying to find one that most closely matches their needs, administrators can easily build forms to capture the exact information they need. The forms can then be made available to employees via the secure, cloud-based platform.

Please click here to see sample e-forms from the B2W Inform Template Library

The number of contractors using B2W Inform doubled in 2018. They have built thousands of e-forms, and the new template library incorporates content and strategies from the most effective ones.

B2W Inform complements the B2W ONE Platform. The solution for e-forms and reporting allows contractors to generate reports, dashboards and alerts from electronic forms, delivering timely, accurate data to improve operational performance, safety, quality and financial outcomes.

Users can create and manage form templates, fill out forms, and view data anytime, anywhere and on any-device. Features include built-in approval workflows, data binding of form fields to a central database, and the ability to capture rich data on forms, such as e-signatures, images, videos, time stamps and GPS locations.

eForms created with B2W Inform can also deliver immediate alerts within the program or by text or e-mail. Forms can be programmed to trigger alerts based on how a form field is completed, such as when an employee checks β€œyes” for a field inquiring if an injury occurred.