B2W Estimate provides centralized cost data and structures along with specialized functionality for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. Leveraging the intuitive, easy-to-use application, a contractor utilizing B2W Estimate can maximize accuracy and speed, standardize estimating processes, focus more attention on strategy and win more bids at better margins.

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B2W Estimating Software for Construction

B2W Estimate delivers powerful, intuitive features and functionality that are unmatched for heavy civil construction project bidding and bid management.
  • Central resource database with up-to-date labor, tasks, materials and equipment costs
  • Specialized functionality for creating bids from databases, templates and cost structures
  • Easy to learn and deploy, with familiar, intuitive user interfaces and construction estimating logic
  • Scalable, enterprise-class performance for fast, reliable operation
  • Automated DOT bidding with pre-populated pay items and import/export of bid forms for civil work
  • Export to project management, accounting and field tracking systems

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Robust, enterprise-class performance

Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the very latest .NET and SQL Server tools from Microsoft, B2W Estimate provides an infinitely scalable, high-performance platform to run advanced features reliably at high speed and to accommodate future development.

Central database – resources, crews, tasks and cost items

A core advantage with B2W Estimate is the ability to create and pre-populate detailed databases with costs – including default templates of crews and pay items – that can be easily updated. With these building blocks in one place, construction estimators work faster, more accurately and with the same, consistent data.

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Flexibility – pay item, work breakdown structures (WBS) or hybrid bidding

In addition to traditional pay item bids, B2W Estimate supports Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) bidding. This allows companies to organize and develop estimates in an unlimited hierarchical form, with visibility into how costs are rolled up and the level of detail at which costing is done. Estimates can be configured to support pay items, WBS levels, or both together.

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Synchronized mobile estimating

Estimators can work – with access to resources and items – even when disconnected from the office server. Reconnect, and the new estimates or changes are added on the server. This is a big advantage for companies that want the flexibility to work remotely or download a bid locally for closing during bid day.

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As challenges intensify, relying strictly on spreadsheets for estimating puts heavy construction companies at a competitive disadvantage. Here are the top six reasons more and more of them are stepping up to B2W Estimate.


Estimating is not an isolated activity. B2W Estimate delivers seamless integration advantages that improve accuracy and save time.

  • Import Excel tables and other cost databases
  • Connect with electronic bidding programs, including DOT systems
  • Incorporate and manage input from vendors and subcontractors
  • Export bid data directly to industry leading project management and accounting/ERP platforms
  • Communicate with the B2W Operational suite to transfer bid information and compare it against actual performance
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