Provide real-time access to critical job information (new!)

Access job details and reports from a mobile tablet in the field, on the road or in the office. View job details including:

  • Access to all sections of the Jobs view in the B2W web application
  • Download and view Job Attachments
  • View Job Reports

Employee Sign-Off

Capture electronic signatures from employees on the job site (new!) 

Capture electronic signatures of employees to verify hours worked (based on Field Log hours). You can also include custom questions/statements for employees to verify when signing for their hours, such as:

  • “I attended the daily safety meeting” (Yes/No)
  • “I was injured on the job” (Yes/No)

Employee signature documents are kept with the daily log/report, with the ability to view, email, or print right from the B2W Mobile app on a mobile tablet.


Capture labor & equipment hours

Track employee and equipment hours by job and account, with the option to include regular time, over-time, and double-time for employees, as well as operating, idle, and repair time for equipment to ensure precise accounting of all hours reported.

Instantly analyze daily production

Track daily progress on jobs by recording production quantities, as well as hours and costs for labor, equipment, materials trucking and subs. Compare your progress against the estimate values for real-time production status.


Enter daily diaries (tool talks,special events, etc.)

Use the notes field in each section of a field log to include additional information that field employees need to communicate regarding the day’s work.

Capture Customer Sign-Offs

Customers can sign-off on time and material (T&M) work electronically on any desktop/laptop or tablet device. Watch a Short Video on Time & Materials (T&M) 


Capture production quantities

Specify multiple tracking accounts, including production and overhead (non-production), for detailed tracking on each job. Overhead accounts might include items such as mobilization, lunch, safety meetings, per diem, etc.


Create repair requests

When coupled with B2W Maintain, requests for repairs can be submitted from the field and made immediately available within B2W Maintain – reducing communication overhead and the possibility for forgotten work.


Any Apple or Android tablet device

Submit field logs from Apple iOS or Android tablet devices using B2W Software’s Mobile App. Apple Store | Google Play