The ONE Platform connects people and processes across the office, shop and field

Take a unified approach to bidding, resource scheduling and dispatching, performance tracking, equipment maintenance, safety and data-driven decision making.

  • Collaborate across workflows with specialized B2W Software applications that communicate with each other in real time
  • Work from anywhere with cohesive desktop and mobile technology for entering, viewing and transmitting vital information easily and instantly
  • Deploy the entire ONE Platform or phase in capabilities over time
  • Choose B2W Software for world-class support and enterprise-class features, performance and scalability

Unified Platform for Heavy Construction

One common database

Operational data – like employee, equipment and job lists – is maintained in a single database that is accessed and updated dynamically by B2W operational applications.

Manage every job profitably

The ONE Platform covers and connects the critical workflows where money is earned – or lost – and complements accounting/ERP systems of record.

No integration challenges

B2W applications work as a platform. There are no extra integration steps and syncing issues that plague efforts to get disparate construction software systems to work together.

ONE Platform capabilities for more cohesive estimating and construction project management

ONE Platform Dashboard

Brubacher Excavating

“Some people might like spreadsheets and integration headaches, but a unified platform is the way to go.”

President, Brubacher Excavating

On-premise and Cloud options

Deploy the ONE Platform on servers or eliminate in-house IT requirements, costs and security concerns with a high-performance Cloud option.


More information about the B2W Software ONE Platform

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