BUILD2WIN Version 3.1 Delivers New Functionality, Enhanced Usability and Significant Performance Improvements

Portsmouth, NH, March 14, 2012 – BID2WIN Software is pleased to announce the latest release of its integrated construction management suite, BUILD2WIN Version 3.1. This highly anticipated release includes updates to both BUILD2WIN Field and BUILD2WIN Logistics, which take this suite of products to a new level of solving everyday business needs.

From new functionality in working with resources and day-to-day logistics, to increased performance through usability enhancements and updated interfaces, this release reinforces the fact that BUILD2WIN is truly a best of breed product.

The most significant improvements to performance and usability revolve around the redesigned field log entry process. Improvements to general usability, the way in which data is entered, and improved processing time, have dramatically enhanced the overall user experience.

With a new add dialog when entering field log data that allows users to populate across all field log sections, entering data has become a very easy, streamlined process and a big time saver. New options for saving and the ability to copy from previous field logs and/or Logistics, coupled with an ‘under the hood’ change to the technology base for the data entry design, allows users to see improvements not only to the general work flow, but also to overall performance in the time it takes to create, edit and save a field log.

By retaining the familiar look and feel of the original field log, users can quickly take advantage of the new enhancements. There is no need to re-acclimate to the solution, making it possible to leverage these updates from day one.

Larger field logs have seen performance improvements of up to ten times faster data entry by users in the field. Increasing the overall working environment gains not only an improved user experience, but also the reliability of receiving field data on time to manage active projects effectively.

“What our users will visually see is a facelift to the existing field log; new buttons, new dialog.  What they will experience is an easy to use interface, dramatic performance improvements and a decrease in the amount of time it takes to create a field log on a daily basis,” explains Jodi Mullins, Product Manager for BUILD2WIN Field & Logistics.

Other new features include:


  • Specify Which Areas A Production Account Applies To – BUILD2WIN Field now includes the ability to specify for each production account which field log sections the account may apply to. For example, some accounts may always represent subcontracted work, and therefore don’t need to clutter up the employee or equipment sections within the field log. Alternately, other accounts may always be self-performed, and therefore don’t need to be seen within the subcontracted sections of the field log. For a final example, some accounts will always have materials tracked against them, and others, perhaps such as mobilization, will not.
  • Operating, Idle, and Repair Time For Equipment – For each piece of equipment, BUILD2WIN now allows users to specify unique hourly rates for operating costs, idle costs, and repair costs. These costs may be independently entered within each of the equipment rate classes. At the business unit level, users may specify the combination of these costs that is applicable within that specific business unit.
  • Redesigned Field Log Edit Page – The latest release of BUILD2WIN Field includes a brand-new field log edit page that has been completely redesigned from both a usability and performance standpoint.
  • Redesigned Add To Field Log Dialog – BUILD2WIN’s recently redesigned Field Log Edit page also includes significant enhancements to the Add To Field Log Dialog, which is used to add resources to a field log. These include new filtering options—such as the ability to filter resources by business unit—as well as a single consolidated dialog, which includes resources of all types rather than having to continuously reopen the dialog once for each type of resources.


  • Employee Certifications And Equipment Tags – In Resources, users may now create two new entities called Employee Certifications and Equipment Tags, and assign them to individual employee and equipment records. Then, on the Job Board, users may filter the Resource Pane to show only resources, which are associated with specific tags or certifications, making it easy to quickly find the right resource for the task at hand.
  • Trucking – A new Trucking area within Logistics now lets users manage their Trucking schedules, getting materials between Plants and Job Sites on time and on schedule. By assigning trucks to material trucking orders, users can ensure that all materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there leveraging internal and external fleets to manage the trucking requirements for the orders.

BUILD2WIN (v3.1) is now available for download to all BUILD2WIN clients with an active software maintenance and technical support agreement. If you are not already a BUILD2WIN client, and would like more information, visit or contact the BID2WIN Software sales team at (800) 336-3808.

Located in Portsmouth, NH, BID2WIN Software Inc. offers state-of-the-art enterprise-class construction management solutions for the infrastructure industry worldwide. The company’s flagship product, BID2WIN Estimating & Bidding, is the first estimating and bidding software built from the ground up with a true client-server architecture utilizing Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology. Offering a unique competitive advantage and superior performance and flexibility, BID2WIN helps leading construction firms increase profitably through more accurate and efficient estimating and bidding. The BUILD2WIN Integrated Construction Management Suite is comprised of three stand-alone or totally integrated modules, including Field (field tracking & analysis module), Logistics (resource planning & dispatching module) and Maintenance (equipment maintenance & repair management module). All three browser-based modules of BUILD2WIN share a common database, providing real-time visibility into, and control over, project profitability.