BID2WIN Software Releases New Version of its Integrated Construction Management Suite

Portsmouth, NH, December 02, 2011 – BID2WIN Software is pleased to announce the latest release of the BUILD2WIN Integrated Construction Management Suite, BUILD2WIN Version 3.0.

BUILD2WIN (v3.0) allows the ability to import resources, adds support for the Logistics module, and addresses various program issues reported by users since the initial release of BUILD2WIN.

“BUILD2WIN Version 3.0 takes the next step in solving the day-to-day activities for our customers,” says BUILD2WIN Field and Logistics product manager Jodi Mullins. “It continues to establish BUILD2WIN as an Integrated Construction Management Suite that brings together all aspects of tracking, reporting and logistics for customers in a single application.”

Other new features include:

  • Ability to Specify Which Field Log Sections Each Production Account Applies To – You may now specify, for each production account in Resources, which field log sections the production account appears within. The end result is a much more streamlined and easy to manage field log, as accounts which are entirely subcontracted can be configured to not appear within the employee or equipment section. Similarly, accounts that are entirely self-performed may be configured to never appear within the subcontracted section.
  • Ability to Hide Inactive Jobs on Job Listing Tab – BUILD2WIN no longer lists inactive jobs by default on the Job Listing page. If you wish to view inactive jobs, place a checkmark next to the new box labeled Show inactive jobs in the bottom right portion of the Job Listing page.
  • Material Categories and Subcategories – Additional fields have been added for material categories and subcategories. This allows for grouping and filtering options while in the material listing view, and will be utilized in future releases on the Field Log Edit page and Add Dialog.
  • Equipment Types – You may now classify each piece of equipment with an Equipment Type. This allows for grouping and filtering options, and will be utilized in future releases on the Field Log Edit page and Add Dialog.
  • Other Labor Types – Multiple labor types may now be assigned with each employee, with one specified as the default.
  • Read-only Field Licenses – You may now provide read-only access to BUILD2WIN Field through the purchase of read-only licenses.
  • Ability to Exclude Equipment from Field Logs – If this box is checked, the equipment is not shown in the Add Equipment dialog when editing a field log. This allows you to include equipment in your BUILD2WIN database without making it available to be added to field logs.
  • Resource Reports – Four new resource reports are now available for download: Employee Listing, Equipment Listing, Material Listing, and Organization Listing.

BUILD2WIN (v3.0) is now available for download to all BUILD2WIN clients with an active software maintenance and technical support agreement. If you are not already a BUILD2WIN client, and would like more information, visit or contact the BID2WIN Software sales team at (800) 336-3808.

Located in Portsmouth, NH, BID2WIN Software Inc. offers state-of-the-art enterprise-class construction management solutions for the infrastructure industry worldwide. The company’s flagship product, BID2WIN Estimating & Bidding, is the first estimating and bidding software built from the ground up with a true client-server architecture utilizing Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology. Offering a unique competitive advantage and superior performance and flexibility, BID2WIN helps leading construction firms increase profitably through more accurate and efficient estimating and bidding. The BUILD2WIN Integrated Construction Management Suite is comprised of three stand-alone or totally integrated modules, including Field (field tracking & analysis module), Logistics (resource planning & dispatching module) and Maintenance (equipment maintenance & repair management module). All three browser-based modules of BUILD2WIN share a common database, providing real-time visibility into, and control over, project profitability.