B2W Software Unveils New Branding and Vision

Portsmouth, NH, January 28, 2013 – BID2WIN Software is changing its name and rebranding itself as B2W Software, Inc. This new brand identity, paired with the company’s expanded operational suite, more accurately represents what it has become: a premier provider of enterprise-class construction operational software. Enjoying tremendous growth over the past 10 years, the company has expanded its product offerings, services and the size of its staff to meet the needs of a rapidly growing client base and shifting construction market. The most significant driver of B2W Software’s evolution is its strong vision and technical expertise in mobile development.

Core Facts

New Company Name: B2W Software, Inc.

B2W Software’s name is the combination of the company’s flagship product offerings, consolidating BID2WIN and BUILD2WIN into one unified entity. The new logo, which includes the graphic identity of a block, represents a solid foundation on which more can be built.

Brand Promise: Expect MORE

Expect MORE articulates in a simple manner what you can expect from B2W Software’s products, service and employees.

ONE (Operational Networked Elements): Vision

Operational Networked Elements, or ONE, is an industry-leading platform that creates a unified workflow between all of the operational business elements essential for profitability.

B2W Operational Elements Include


Designed to manage your entire estimating and bidding process, B2W Estimate is the industry’s most powerful, cost effective estimating and bidding tool. Despite its power and feature-rich functionality, it is intuitive and easy to learn.


B2W Dispatch simplifies your operations, allowing you to plan, analyze, schedule, and dispatch your human, mechanical, and material resources across job locations and over time. It features advanced interactivity, allowing users to perform complex assignment, scheduling, and transportation tasks intuitively, accurately and efficiently. When jobs run the way you plan them, profitability is assured.


B2W Track allows you to compare original bid numbers to real job costs, so you can better understand and remain in control of real costs every day, not weeks or months later. Using a laptop or tablet, executives, project managers, field engineers and foremen can view, enter and track real-time status information about jobs for reported production quantities, labor hours, equipment hours and material quantities.


B2W Maintain keeps revenue producing equipment on the job by minimizing unplanned downtime and optimizing production. Plus mechanics can quickly access and create equipment and repair data using B2W Software’s mobile tablet application.

“B2W Software’s vision is to inspire and empower contractors to achieve world class operations. Our goal is not simply for our clients to implement software that monitors operations—we want to provide new tools that extract real business intelligence to improve company profitability,” states B2W Software’s CEO, Paul McKeon.

The new name and product offering is part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative designed to promote B2W Software’s customer-centric approach as well as its ability to provide new innovation, along with unmatched efficiency, accuracy and profitability for the construction industry. Included in the rebranding campaign will be a new logo, design standards, a North American marketing communications campaign, and a new website.

About B2W Software

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, B2W Software, Inc. is a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations. B2W Software solutions effectively leverage the latest technologies into a unified system approach for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching and asset maintenance.