BUILD2WIN 3.2 Released

BUILD2WIN 3.2 Released

New Field and Logistics Modules Add Better Materials Tracking, Customized Cost Rates and Role-Based Security Settings

Portsmouth, NH, July 25, 2012 – BID2WIN Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions, announced today the release of BUILD2WIN 3.2, the latest version of its integrated construction management suite. Driven by end-user suggestions, BID2WIN 3.2 now offers enhanced Field and Logisticssoftware modules that improve the already seamless data sharing between all modules, while delivering new levels of efficiency and accuracy throughout the operations process.

Version 3.2 enhancements have had an immediate effect on the company’s customer base.  Jeff Buckley, from CA Hull Company in Michigan, explains, “Using BID2WIN Software’s Field and Logistics modules together have had a powerful impact on our company, allowing us to streamline our operations and improve our efficiency.”

Improved Accuracy through Greater Visibility
Version 3.2 allows clients to maintain an efficient and accurate operation, with improved visibility into the location of their resources. Designed to streamline the material delivery process, a brand new tab for Logistics allows users to track and understand the location of materials that have been sent out and returned from job sites—enhancing efficiency in the scheduling and execution of jobs. In addition, new filtering capabilities on the Job Board and Map have been incorporated within Logistics to provide operational improvements, allowing users to interact with sites based on specific location and resource based properties.

Customization Brings More Accuracy to the Field Log
Aligning with the specific way that a company does business, version 3.2 brings an even deeper level of customization for accuracy and ease-of-use. Users can now define and customize, different cost rates for equipment utilized at each job, and provide costing information for non-standard items. Now, miscellaneous costs such as police or dump fees don’t go overlooked and threaten the accuracy of the project. Expanding the cost rates to encompass employees and equipment, allows for even greater flexibility and control over tracking costs. Additionally version 3.2’s customization capabilities also leverage users’ existing expertise by allowing them to bring their own workflow into the product, making the day-to-day entry, as well as transitions from other systems, seamless and easy.

Additional BID2WIN 3.2 features include:

  • Role-based security settings for Logistics users
  • The ability to maintain Logistics assignment relationships and information when creating field logs
  • Eight additional reports for trucking and materials
  • Enhancements to existing reports for better usability

“With every major release, we are providing more and more value to our clients. This release delivers powerful new capabilities that enable our clients to remain profitable in today’s challenging environment,” states Paul McKeon, President, BID2WIN Software.

About BID2WIN Software
Founded in 1993, BID2WIN Software is a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations. For more information, visit or contact the BID2WIN Software sales team at (800) 336-3808.