B2W Inks New Deal Driving Leadership In Construction Management

Kubricky ConstructionKubricky Construction, a DA Collins Company Creates State-of-the-Art Engineering Methodology with Premier Estimation and Operations Software

Portsmouth, NH
March 6, 2014 B2W Software, a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions, today introduced Kubricky Construction, a DA Collins company as its newest customer. The company is adopting B2W’s ONE platform to create a state-of-the-art engineering methodology via advanced estimation and operations software.

Kubricky Construction is a full service construction firm, providing state-of-the-art industrial and infrastructure construction services, and aggregate products to a variety of industrial, corporate and municipal clients across the Northeast. With more than $80 million of construction equipment, the company is widely considered a leader in heavy highway construction.

“Since our founding more than 60 years ago, it’s been our dedication to quality customer service that’s propelled us to be the number one contractor in Upstate New York,” said Tom Garrett, Vice President of Engineering at Kubricky Construction. “That’s why we’re always looking for new technologies that are capable of streamlining key functions such as estimation and project management.”

Initially, the company drove processes via a loosely integrated set of software. With many different technologies operating in disparate silos, Kubricky Construction soon noticed bid production, estimation and accuracy was suffering.

“The key issue was that we lacked real-time visibility and weren’t able to track each job in a unified fashion. This put a lot of pressure on staff to maintain accurate, quick and reliable service,” continued Tom Garrett, Kubricky Construction. “We now realized — that to compete and retain our market leadership – it was important to find a better way to tackle estimation and project management.”

B2W’s ONE (Operational Networked Elements) Platform is the first suite of construction management software that provides everyone from office managers to foremen in the field with direct insight into the construction process. Four separate modules create one unified suite – including B2W Estimate, B2W Track, B2W Dispatch, and B2W Maintain. The end result is a single point of data entry, enabling instant cross-module resource visibility and collaboration – as well as significantly improved operational efficiency and accuracy.

With implementation of the ONE system, Kubricky Construction put its construction operations management back on track. Tightly linking estimation and project management, users could now make use of a unified view into each project – regardless of the size. Each member of the team can also access information as needed to power real-time decision-making.

“What impressed us most was B2W’s ability to link all of our systems. With full integration into its Dexter+Channey ERP system software, all budgets and daily time production can be fully exported. Field personnel also benefit from instant performance feedback to power better decisions. Instead of toggling between multiple screens, we now have all the information in one place. This meant higher quality service and happier customers,” Garrett concluded.

Kubricky Construction ultimately increased both bid production and accuracy by permitting the inclusion of multiple estimators on large and complicated bids. Ensuring visibility into each job, the ONE platform removed barriers to estimation and operations. This equates to improved quality service, cost efficiencies and greater profitability.

“While some companies offer construction operations management as part of a broader portfolio – at B2W – it’s our only focus. The revolutionary ONE technology is completely transforming the industry, helping customers take the pain out of construction operations and build new revenue,” said Paul McKeon, CEO of B2W Software.

Moving forward, Kubricky Construction is developing new plans to expand its use of ONE. Concluded Garrett: “By teaming with B2W, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.”

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