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Not much happens in heavy construction without heavy equipment. Improvements in how you maintain your fleet goes right to the bottom line and makes your company more resilient and profitable.

Use this tool to quickly assess how you measure up to the industry’s best when it comes to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and proactive preventive maintenance and whether specialized maintenance software is something to consider.

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How many pieces of equipment, including on-road and off-road assets, does your company maintain?

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How much does your company spend on equipment maintenance and repairs, including labor and parts, as a percentage of your annual revenue?

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Which statement best describes how your team knows when to perform recommended preventive maintenance on a piece of equipment?

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What percentage of your maintenance budget is spent on preventive work versus corrective work?

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How much of your mechanics’ hours are spent on emergency repairs?

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What is the average rate of unplanned downtime for your heavy equipment?

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What tools do you use to create and manage maintenance work orders (check all that apply)?

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How computer savvy is your maintenance team?

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