The Top 10 Capabilities for Fast, Accurate Estimating

May 18, 2016 – Construction Executive magazine “Tech Trends – B2W product manager Patrick Reitz outlines the key capabilities to look for in a specialized software solution for estimating and bidding.

Every dollar that comes into a construction company begins with an estimate, and the quality of estimating processes and tools goes a long way toward determining how much of that dollar goes to the bottom line as profit. That’s why enterprises of all sizes and across all sectors are moving away from spreadsheets at an accelerated rate and stepping up to specialized software to manage estimating and bidding.

The goals are straightforward. Every company wants to complete more bids with less time and effort. Accuracy is also critical to win the right bids at the best possible margins, and standardizing the bidding process company-wide is a high priority. However, software options to meet those goals can vary greatly in features, functionality and performance. Following are the 10 key capabilities to look for.

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