Structural Constructor Constructs New IT ‘Structure’

Constructech — September 09, 2015 – Brosamer & Wall, Walnut Creek, Calif., offers structural concrete construction, bridges, viaducts, flood control and water transfer structures, and airport paving services. As with other construction enterprises, company employees can benefit from “24/7” access to business information to adjust operations—and make strategic business decisions.

Having experienced server issues, the engineering company saw benefit in moving from a dedicated server to a hosted cloud solution. Instead of overloading an existing server, Brosamer & Wall adopted B2W Cloud, confident in the ability to access “best-of-breed” server technology without the cost and IT (information technology) resources needed for maintenance.

B2W Software,, Portsmouth, N.H., offers the heavy construction sector a unified platform of specialized software elements for estimating and bidding, as well as the operational functions of field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, and asset maintenance. Because B2W Cloud is built using a distributed enterprise architecture, clients don’t experience any lag time when multiple users are logged in at once—no matter where they are around the globe.

B2W Cloud’s GlobalView Reporting uses realtime geosite mapping, allowing Brosamer & Wall to see where their users are across California and other western states, taking advantage of the ability to access the system from anywhere. This feature ensures that licenses are assigned to users who are actually accessing the software and not just sitting idly. It creates instant reports of who is using what, and where they are using it for better planning and license tracking. The License Tracker provides internal license counts and aids in managing license need and use.

To enhance collaboration by keeping team members in touch and in the know, B2W Cloud features a built-in, private, assignment-based messaging network called PM Social. The platform also supports increased collaboration through an intuitive file-sharing function called, File Manager.

B2W Cloud grants access from anywhere, without relying on a VPN (virtual private network), remote desktop, or a company network. It automatically authenticates and routes users to the correct environments upon entering the required login credentials. A familiar interface helped seamlessly transition Brosamer & Wall to the cloud, and B2W Cloud’s on-demand modules available through a training portal can help users get instant support for frequently asked questions.

Implementing B2W Cloud will reduce the number of servers needed for operation, with systems consolidation expected to yield significant savings—both up front and down the road. Without a demand for servers, future capital expenses are avoided and depreciation reduced.

Further cost savings are identified, as B2W Cloud eliminates the need to purchase server racks, SAN (storage area network) storage, network switches, spam filters, load balancing, firewalls, offsite backup/recovery, warehousing, and internal upgrades/maintenance.

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