Specialized Estimating Software Delivers Advantages For DOT Bids

Specialized Estimating Software Delivers Advantages For DOT Bids

ENR — National Bridges & Transportation III – October 19
Heavy construction companies serving Departments of Transportation (DOTs) throughout the United States gain competitive advantages with estimating software. B2W Estimate, for example, is a software application developed by B2W Software of Portsmouth, N.H., that allows estimators to import electronic bid forms from any state, convert estimates automatically to match the required DOT format, and then upload them for submission.

The specialized software also goes a step further, providing a built-in database containing all of the cost items in the DOT bid forms for every state. “Companies using B2W Estimate can work out how they cost those items in advance,” says Pat Reitz, product manager at B2W Software. “When it’s time to put together a bid, the predetermined cost items can literally be pulled in within seconds.”

Reitz says that being able to download the electronic bidding system file, populate the estimate with cost items established in advance and format the estimate automatically according to the requirements of the DOT bid forms are huge time savers for clients. John Rodegher, vice president of engineering at Northeast Contractors, says that his firm reduced bid times by 25 percent by using this software.

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