Next Generation of Data Collection

Constructech MagazineBy  — March 09, 2015 – Most firms estimate they are only analyzing 12% of the data that they already have, leaving 88% of it on the cutting-room floor, according to Forrsights Strategy Spotlight from Forrester Research,, Cambridge, Mass.

To help, B2W Software,, Portsmouth, N.H., released its new Inform solution, which provides a method for creating dynamic forms that allow users to collect more useful data and then build reports and dashboards, helping companies make better-informed business decisions. B2W is helping the construction industry address the data analytics issue with Inform.

The benefits of Inform is users can create and customize forms to bring unstructured and siloed data into one place for in-depth business analytics, workflow procedures, as well as enhanced efficiency and organization—and no comprehensive training is required.

As part of B2W’s ONE (Operational Networked Elements) platform, common use cases such as incident/accident forms, safety meetings and toolbox talks, inspections, compliance forms, and more, can be quickly accessed on any device via any browser with this cloud-based, cross-platform, SaaS (software-as-a-service) application.

Additional benefits include: collecting useful data across departments for more transparent business operations; creating detailed reports, and easy access dashboards, e-signatures, photo and video capture, file attachments, and GPS/timestamp capabilities; data-binding drop down lists to access equipment and employees information, saving time and increasing accuracy, and eliminating inefficient paper processes.

In the construction industry, critical information needed to manage the business is often scattered across departments in multiple formats, making it difficult to organize and more importantly, share, and use. This technology enables a simple method to collect, track, manage, and analyze huge amounts of data typically lost in silos.

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