Minimize Moving Parts with One Unified Platform

A Revolutionary Way for Contractors to Improve their Accuracy, Efficiency and Job Productivity

ENR November 2013 CoverENR Magazine, November 04, 2013 – Recent technology advances have propelled the construction industry into an exciting new era – one where estimators can create a bid in hours, not days; foremen can capture and send a photo of a broken piece of equipment from the jobsite to the office using their tablet; managers can analyze job production status in real-time; and shop personnel can see the exact location of every piece of equipment.

Now, the challenge is to seamlessly bring all that data together in an accurate and efficient way. Typically, companies cobble together a combination of solutions to accomplish these tasks, adding a layer of cost, difficulty and increased room for error to the operation. Oftentimes. The operational tools used to perform various functions are different products, from different companies using varying software systems. They rarely work together, if at all; and if they do it’s with a complex layer of integration that comes with its own margin of error and hidden expenses.

An enterprise-class construction operations solution that is networked to all of the operational elements puts everyone in the company – from managers in the office to foremen in the field – on the same page at the same time. A single database eliminates multiple data entries and drives efficiency. Business-critical data is continuously available through an enterprise-grade platform that not only works within your existing environment but offers a greater return on investment and is designed for future growth.Consider building your enterprise-class construction operations on a single unified platform with a centralized database. Independent elements in a unified suite of construction solutions can stand alone or work together seamlessly, bringing greater efficiencies to estimating and bidding, resource planning and dispatching, field tracking and equipment maintenance and repair. Analytical dashboards with fast and easy drill downs provide real-time insight into all aspects of operations, providing increased visibility into and control of project profitability.