James D. Morrissey Adds New Software Platform to Increase Productivity

April 2016 – ACP Constructioneer Magazine – Estimator and project manager John Ehling says a unified B2W Software platform for estimating, field tracking and equipment maintenance gives James D. Morrissey, Inc. operational and strategic advantages.

“We investigated HCSS and B2W for estimating,” explains Ehling. “B2W had the edge when it came to features, but what really sold us was how the B2W team was easy to work with and open to our specific needs.”

Success with B2W Estimate generated interest in linking estimating and bidding with field tracking. “B2W Track has paid for itself many times over on the DOT jobs by giving us instant feedback from our field forces by early the next morning on the previous day’s progress so we can get properly reimbursed, and that is just one small feature of the program,” says Ehling.

With B2W solutions for estimating and field tracking in place, executives became more aware of the liabilities of continuing to manage equipment maintenance and repairs with spreadsheets and added B2W Maintain.

“We’ve discovered with Estimate, Track and Maintain that there is now so much data available to us and so many ways to use that data to operate more efficiently and more profitably,” Ehling says.

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