B2W Grows Construction Management Software

May 22, 2016 – Seacoast Media – Founder and CEO Paul McKeon discusses B2W Software’s history, recent expansion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and unique software solutions for heavy civil construction.

From an Excel spreadsheet running on a cheap computer sitting on a card table, Paul McKeon ultimately developed a software company that has about 1,600 customers with 35,000 individuals using his products.

The company is B2W Software and the products are contained in software that civil construction companies use to estimate and bid on contracts, schedule the work, monitor work in the field and keep track of the need to maintain the equipment.

“Heavy construction companies are moving to more sophisticated software to improve profitability and competitiveness,” said McKeon, the company’s chief executive officer, who founded the business in 1993 on an idea he developed “on a $10 card table and an $800 computer.” He added: “We’re growing by providing unique, unified solutions that help our clients win more bids, optimize operational performance and turn their data into valuable business intelligence.”

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