In Their Own Words: Why Contractors Come – and Keep Coming – to the B2W User Conference

Training, collaboration with fellow users and interaction with the B2W team are primary reasons contractors come to the B2W User Conference and why many return year after year. Registration is now open for the 2023 event March 10-12 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Here are some first-hand comments on the value of attending.

Training for new and seasoned users

Users with varying levels of expertise with B2W applications bring equally diverse expectations to the User Conference. Classes for beginner, intermediate and expert users ensure there is something for everyone.

“I felt like I received months’ worth of hands-on education in a short period of time,” says Sean Williams of Haskell and Lemon.

Alex Montano had been with Sam Hill and Sons for only six months when she attended her first User Conference. “Being very green in my experience with B2W, I found the conference very useful, with a lot of great, approachable people that are always willing to help or go the extra mile,” she says.

Cathy Rooks from Barriere Construction and Mary Lessard from Palmer Paving are at the other end of the experience spectrum. Rooks says that, even as a veteran B2W user and conference attendee, she is always able to find good sessions that interest her. Lessard concurs. “I was skeptical about whether I was going to learn anything or improve, and when I went, I was absolutely amazed,” she explains.

“We send quite a few people every year,” adds Tom Garrett of D.A. Collins/Kubricky Construction. “Even users that have been in the platform for a long time learn things they didn’t know about.”

Networking with other contractors

B2W trainers are not the only ones teaching at the User Conference. The chance to pick up tips, tricks and ideas from other contractors in formal sessions and casual gatherings is a strong draw.

“Being around your peers is extremely beneficial,” says Darren Collins of Lancaster Development. “You’re able to talk to other people and see how they’re using the software.”

“You might think you’re the only one that has an issue, but somebody else might have that same thing,” adds Tracy Schmeck of Brubacher. “You put your heads together and work something through. You can’t put a dollar figure on that.”

Busy schedules, competitive scenarios and geographic restrictions can make it difficult to achieve this type of peer-to-peer interaction outside of the unique User Conference setting.

“I’ve really enjoyed interacting with not only the B2W staff, but also with other people within the construction industry. That networking has been really valuable,” says Rich King of Schlouch Incorporated.

Influencing the B2W Roadmap

“The UC gives us the opportunity to provide feedback to the B2W management teams for the various products, and that feedback is well received,” explains Mark Galasso of Lancaster Development. “We’ve seen a lot of ideas included in future updates. That was one of the reasons that we selected B2W is that interaction. And the UC is the perfect place to do it.”

Heath Wahden from Barriere says conversations with B2W developers and product managers and the chance to discuss new ideas and get them on the roadmap have really impressed his company and kept its team coming back.

“You talk about feature requests with people from B2W who are doing those things and you can really articulate things in a one-on-one conversation,” adds Jim Maddon of Palmer Paving.

Training and networking make the User Conference a can’t-miss event, but motivation might be the unsung reason to attend. “Learning how to use B2W to its fullest potential was something that I couldn’t wait to take back to my company and show what I have learned,” says Montano. “It gets us energized when we get back to work to tackle the challenges ahead,” adds Kevin Mullen of P. Flanigan & Sons.

“We had a great experience at the User Conference,” concludes John Casella of Casella Construction. “The educational opportunities, networking and social aspects, and motivational outcomes were a huge value to our organization.”