Recent comments from equipment experts using B2W Maintain sum up a simple truth about fleet maintenance and management. Preventive maintenance is essential to keeping maintenance costs low and uptime high, and heavy construction contractors will struggle to sustain a strong PM program without specialized software like B2W Maintain.

“It is a well-documented fact that preventive maintenance is more effective and less costly than the other option of run until failure,” confirms Kris Hay, director of fleet for Brubacher Excavation in Pennsylvania.

Hay heads up a team of 15 mechanics using B2W Maintain to maintain 150+ pieces of “yellow iron” and 55 heavy trucks along with light trucks and smaller assets from two shop locations. “I don’t know how you would be able to run a fleet the size of ours on a spreadsheet. I’m sure there are companies doing it, but I think the software is imperative,” he adds.

VIDEO: B2W Maintain at Brubacher Excavation

B2W Case Study: B2W Maintain at J. Fletcher Creamer

Fletcher Creamer & Son, a contractor based in New Jersey has completed a diverse range of projects in 39 US states. The company was one of the first to adopt B2W Maintain. “The biggest advantage is preventive maintenance. We can see in advance when services are due and can get them done on schedule,” says service manager Glen Howard.

Howard’s team has three shops in New Jersey and Maryland and manages more than 1,800 pieces of heavy equipment. Maintenance records and service schedules were kept on paper before implementing B2W Maintain.

“It was a constant struggle to figure out what was due at what time on each piece of equipment,” Howard explains. “With Maintain, everything is right in front of you on a screen. You’re not searching through filing cabinets or piles of paper.”

Like many contractors using the software, Brubacher and J. Fletcher Creamer & Son pull telematics data directly from their equipment into B2W Maintain every day. That information drives preventive service intervals, cutting out manual data entry and guesswork.

“We set up the maintenance intervals in the system, and the computer does the leg work for telling us what is due and when,” says Howard.

Whether your company manages close to 2,000 pieces of heavy equipment like J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, more than 200 like Brubacher Excavating, or even a smaller fleet, the preventive maintenance advantage of specialized software is undeniable.