Daily Field Log

Video highlights clever user interface features that make life easier in the field

Once the estimating and bidding are completed, the daily logs for construction projects become cornerstones to effective management. Foremen and supervisors know timely, accurate data is vital, but let’s face it. There are more productive things they would rather do than record labor, productivity, materials and equipment utilization.

Construction companies need to make life easier for these leaders in the field and free up as much time as possible for them to focus on core responsibilities. Stepping up from paper to electronic field logs in construction helps. All electronic logs, however, are not created equal.

This video explores ease-of-use and mobile construction software advantages built into the B2W Track field log.


These clever user-interface and navigation aids include:

  • B2W Grid View
  • Easy-access filters
  • Expand and collapse buttons
  • Jump Links for quick navigation
  • Type-ahead data entry
  • More space for notes
  • Talk-to-text
  • Review information on a tablet
  • Built-in error check
  • Simple field log summaries

Contractors across heavy civil specialties need advanced construction software to gain efficiency and to capture and use data. At the same time, to get buy-in from employees, they also need solutions that are easy to install and intuitive to use. These features within the B2W field log demonstrate that it is possible to strike that balance.