Claiming with only slight hyperbole that “the fate of the heavy construction world hangs in the balance,” Bill Walton is all in as keynote speaker for the 2021 B2W User Conference.

The basketball legend is preparing to share insights into big challenges, world-class performance, great teams and winning and relate them to the construction sector in his presentation on March 2.

“You’ll never learn what you don’t want to know,” says Walton, paraphrasing his favorite band. “What I do know and have learned is that by combining knowledge, teamwork, technology, and the right people with a collective sense of effort and purpose, anything is possible.”

Bill Walton Invites you to User Conference 2021

Walton is one of the most original and intriguing figures in sport. He brings outsized passion for work, family, friends, music, life and greatness to his presentations and inspires audiences with tales from an improbable life.

The three-time college player of the year was also an academic All-American who graduated with honors from UCLA with a degree in history. He was named one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time despite missing the equivalent of nine seasons due to injuries and he has excelled as a broadcaster after overcoming a lifelong stuttering impediment. A debilitating spinal collapse took the free-spirited attendee of more than 800 Grateful Dead concerts to the brink of suicide in 2009 before his 37th orthopedic operation restored his health and his outlook as the self-described “luckiest guy in the history of the world.”

Walton was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1978 and the playoff MVP a year earlier when he led the Portland Trail Trailblazers to a championship. He later played with the San Diego and Los Angeles Clippers and won another championship with the Boston Celtics in 1986.

Under legendary coach John Wooden at UCLA, Walton’s teams won two national championships and an NCAA record 88 consecutive games in the early 1970s. His 44 points in 1973 remains the individual record for an NCAA Final Four championship game.

After retiring from basketball, Bill began a distinguished broadcasting career. He remains active with many organizations and charities and received the NBA Retired Players Association Humanitarian Award.

He is the author of Back from the Dead and Nothing But Net.