Each of the three versions of B2W Estimate provides unparalleled performance and reliability. So why would you take the leap from the Professional edition to the Enterprise edition? If any of these situations apply to you, it might be time to upgrade.

  • Business Growth – Your company is growing and you need a scalable solution. Adding to your workforce also means accepting more security risk. With Enterprise edition of Estimate, you get advanced security that allows you to assign permissions to control the creation, modification and deletion of estimates. Permissions can be assigned to groups or users, and can apply to the root level, the folder level, or to an individual estimate.
  • Data Analysis – Browser-based B2W Management Reporting allows you to run powerful business intelligence reports, across all the estimates in your database, or even multiple databases.  See your average cost for materials over the past year, see the win-loss ratio of your estimates, and your margins over time. Also, subscribe to reports for automatic e-mail distribution on a defined daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Know what changed and when – The audit trail capabilities within B2W Estimate allow you to review a detailed history of changes made within each estimate. B2W Estimate tracks the date and time when components are added to, modified, or deleted from an estimate, and records the name of the user who made the changes. When values such as unit costs or production rates are modified—either at the component level or via global edits— B2W Estimate records the previous values, creating a detailed event log for each portion of your estimate.
  • Ease of use – Save your display configuration settings on the Item Listing, Estimate Detail, and Item Pricing grids. Create as many Saved Displays as you need. Share Saved Displays with the other B2W Estimate users. Recall existing Saved Displays by selecting them from a convenient drop down list.
  • Need for customization – The custom properties feature allows you to gather specific information for an estimate, such as email addresses and phone numbers of key contacts, checklists for tracking completion of tasks, projected costs, and more. You define your own custom properties and add them to a form (referred to as a template), which you can configure however you choose.

These are just a few of the added benefits from upgrading to B2W Estimate’s Enterprise addition. For more information, contact B2W Sales at (800) 336-3808.