The AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals) held its annual EquipmentSHIFT conference in Ohio late last month, and I was fortunate enough to be selected to make a presentation on how a more connected approach to construction fleet maintenance and management can improve uptime, utilization and efficiency. I touched on software solutions for maintenance, field tracking and resource scheduling/dispatching, but my focus was on connecting them. Please click here for a copy of the presentation.

John Kane discussed the benefits of holistic fleet maintenance at the AEMP EquipmentSHIFT. Click this slide for his full presentation.

The EquipmentSHIFT conferences promise insightful information on innovative technology and how it will impact the construction sector, and this year’s event did not disappoint. A wide range of suppliers, contractors and other industry experts made presentations on an equally broad range of equipment related topics.

The theme this year was “From Data Overload to Business Overdrive”, emphasizing the focus on how to leverage the ever increasing volume of data available to equipment managers. This is something B2W certainly has a strong interest in and supports through the telematics integration, KPI tracking and reporting capabilities of the B2W Maintain computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

The purely educational, non-sales format of the AEMP events is highly effective. This encourages a lot of valuable give and take between the people who develop construction equipment and related technologies and the people who rely on them. The informal discussions and networking opportunities with peers adds to the value of the formal presentations.

If you manage the equipment fleet or the maintenance operation for your heavy construction company, I encourage you to consider joining the AEMP. Membership would give you access to these conferences, the certification programs and other valuable educational opportunities.