With an in-person event unrealistic, B2W Software switched gears and redesigned its 2021 User Conference. The result is Innovation Forward, an event featuring unique opportunities for software training and technology exploration. Sessions will run in late February and early March, and will be set up specifically for online delivery.

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Training and Innovation

The main B2W User Conference runs March 2-3. More than 50 sessions will be held in four tracks, including:

  • Advanced B2W Estimate training
  • Training on B2W Software operational elements (B2W Schedule, Track, Maintain and Inform)
  • Collaboration across workflows, including contractor-led panels and case studies
  • Exploring innovative technology and ideas and what’s next on the B2W roadmap

B2W UC2021 Estimator University

The 2021 User Conference will kick off with a pre-conference Estimator University track from February 23-25. Thirteen sessions in this track have been developed and sequenced specifically to help new and intermediate B2W Estimate users become experts. Experienced users can also attend all or some sessions to reinforce skills or to fill in gaps.

On March 4 and 5, contractors can schedule one-on-one meetings to discuss their own ideas and challenges with B2W product managers, developers, and support staff.

B2W UC2021 Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Basketball legend Bill Walton will deliver the User Conference keynote address on March 2. Walton will share insights on leadership, strong teams, big challenges and winning. The NBA and NCAA hall of famer presents the way he played: with passion and a colorful, inspiring style.

B2W Software founder and CEO Paul McKeon will update contractors on the latest B2W developments and initiatives to help them improve estimating and operational performance. Additionally, Jay Bowman, research director for FMI Corporation, a leading provider of consulting and investment services to the construction industry, will also lead a session. He will discuss the role of technology in response to current and future economic factors impacting heavy construction.