Glen Smith has a lot of experience with just about every solution for heavy construction estimating – from pencils, to spreadsheets to several specialized software applications. The general manager at EPC Services says four vital capabilities put B2W Estimate at the top of the list:

  • Completing bids faster
  • Minimizing mistakes and risk
  • Collaboration among multiple estimators
  • Ease of use and technical support

“You could try to compete with pens and paper or Excel, but for how long?” Smith speculates. He has seen companies go bankrupt because of missed calculations or forgetting to put in tasks or line items. “You drop $10,000 here, $50,000 there,” he adds. “You can’t afford that, because that’s life or death to you.”

Smith gives B2W Estimate a perfect score for ease of use. He also has an interesting anecdote that highlights the accessibility, expertise and importance of 24/7 B2W technical.

EPC Services is a project management company, providing turnkey engineering, procurement and construction management services for utility and power delivery projects throughout North America. Projects range in value to $30 million, and EPC typically works on three to five bids in any given week.

Greg Norris