When good software is hard to use, it’s bad software. As a user experience designer, Jen Musil plays a key role in the “look and feel” of the B2W elements. That involves a lot of listening to what users need, along with the software expertise to make powerful features easy and intuitive to use.

How long have you been with B2W?

I started at B2W in 2012.

What is your role with B2W and what do you like most about it?

The simple description is, I design the products and make them easy to use. This starts with talking to customers about what they do and where they have challenges. Then I work with our product managers to work out the requirements for the product or feature. After that, I work on designing the workflow – how the content is structured – and on prototypes of how our users will interact with it. When these things are finalized, I define the styling details of how it will look and create any icons or images. I’m also involved through the development process to answer questions and make improvements.

My favorite part of my job is solving problems. I enjoy talking to customers and learning how our products have either made their jobs easier, saved them time or made their businesses more profitable.

What do you think makes the B2W team unique?

B2W has a lot of smart people with a variety of backgrounds. This allows us to collaborate and look at a problem from many angles and solve problems well. We also appreciate the beauty around the office in Portsmouth.

What impresses you about the B2W clients you work with?

I’ve always been impressed to see how some of our customers apply lean methods to their construction projects. I’ve been grateful for the customers that have allowed me to visit their office and sit down to talk about aspects of their job. Each one has been busy with their own work but willing to give some time, so that we can make our products better. As we researched for B2W Schedule, I saw people balancing constant calls and changes to the schedule. It is tricky, but I’ve seen some very smart solutions for how customers manage this.

I also have been impressed by customers who are uncomfortable with computers or tablets that have still been willing to pick up a new device and learn a new way to do things.

Any insider tips on how contractors can optimize their B2W solutions?

Be sure to ask questions if you are having trouble finding the right workflow for your business. Our training, implementation and support teams are all knowledgeable and want you to succeed.

I’d recommend people step back and look at what they need to accomplish as a business outside of individual workflows. Since our products work together, users may be able to streamline their processes to get the results that they want. I’d also suggest digging into business unit settings in the B2W ONE Platform. There is a lot of flexibility built into the products.

Lastly, always keep an eye on the release notes. Our releases are feature rich and you don’t want to miss useful new features.

What did you do before working at B2W?

Before I worked at B2W I managed a front-end development team at a lead generation company. My team designed and built the pages you saw on the site and customer emails, designed split tests, and led usability tests. In that position, I led a conversation team that focused on increasing revenue and conversions from organic web traffic. I also project managed a major reporting development initiative including setting up an attribution model to track revenue sources. In addition to that, I have 12 years of experience in graphic and web design.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I always enjoy a good game night with friends or walking the path around the lake in my town.

Is there one TV show you never miss?

The Goldbergs. It keeps me laughing.