A new video series from B2W takes a lighthearted look at one of heavy construction’s most important workflow challenges.

Scheduling and dispatching resources has a huge impact on profitability. The videos are about a minute long and explore what can and very often does go wrong when contractors rely on old-school solutions to get people, equipment and materials to the right place at the right time.

In episode one of Adventures in Construction Scheduling, a foreman ends up with a dilemma, when a scheduling conflict leaves an equipment operator Moving Sand in an unexpected place.

Whiteboard Woes explains why offline tools are great. After all, what are the chances something unexpected might happen in construction to force a company to adjust scheduling and dispatching with real-time agility?

The third video, Equipment Hoarders, tackles the all-to- familiar battle between supervisors fighting to keep idle equipment on the job site in case they might need it and dispatchers trying to maximize utilization.

Please click here to access the Adventures in Construction Scheduling video series.

The videos are intended to be funny, but contractors interested in a modern, online solution that brings real-time collaboration to heavy construction scheduling and dispatching can also look into B2W Schedule and the ONE Platform.