B2W Software and its flagship estimating solution are celebrating 25th anniversaries in 2018. To mark the milestone, the company completed a proactive enhancement that gives B2W Estimate a head start towards remaining the industry leader for the next quarter century.

B2W founder and CEO Paul McKeon says the latest enhancement of B2W Estimate is focused on the behind-the-scenes architecture in anticipation of more complex bids with larger cost-item databases. “Our investment in 2018 will sustain the enterprise-class performance, speed and scalability well into the future, even as the demands on the system continue to increase,” he adds.

“We’ve taken the steps to ensure that B2W Estimate will continue to run complex queries and calculations and refresh large bids in seconds or, in many cases, fractions of a second,” McKeon points out. “Waiting 10 or 20 seconds, and sometimes much longer, and dealing with frequent crashes and re-starts are major sources of frustration for estimators using other systems.”

The latest in a long line of continuous enhancements

McKeon left a position as a senior estimator for a large highway construction and paving contractor to found the company that would become B2W in 1993. “As computer technology was emerging, it was clear that specialized software could deliver far more accuracy, speed and efficiency than we were achieving with calculators and the cumbersome spreadsheet applications that were available at the time,” he recalls.

The company introduced PowerBid, one of the first-ever specialized applications for heavy construction estimating and bidding. The forerunner of Bid2Win and B2W Estimate caught on quickly. Continuous development moved the product to the Windows platform and leveraged cutting edge technologies like Microsoft.NET and SQL Server as they became available.

“Our clients appreciate and expect that we never stop developing B2W Estimate and the other operational elements within the ONE Platform according to their requests and the market requirements,” explains McKeon.

B2W Estimate provides centralized, up-to-date cost data and structures along with specialized functionality and helps contractors across heavy construction sectors to bid faster and more accurately to win more bids at better margins. For more information, please link to B2W Estimate on the B2W web site.