B2W celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 with aggressive development and passionate support of a software platform that remains entirely unique in the construction sector.

On behalf of the growing team at B2W, I would like to thank you for your business and continuous input on ways we can best serve you. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from so many dynamic contractors on a day to day basis in pursuit of technology that allows you to win more bids and operate more profitably.

We wish you continued growth and success in 2019.

2018 B2W Highlights

20% Growth and Hundreds of New Clients

Growth Drives Development

Growth is good for us, and it’s good for you, too. A fifth consecutive year of 20-plus percent revenue growth fuels continuous investment in the features and functionality you need and proves that you’re doing business with a vital software leader that isn’t standing still.

B2W Schedule Takes Off

Next-Generation Solution for Scheduling and Dispatching

Our newest element on the ONE Platform, B2W Schedule, really took off in 2018 as a centralized tool for getting the right resources to the right place at the right time. Many clients began leveraging a real-time connection between B2W Schedule, Track and Maintain. We even produced a series of videos that took a lighthearted look at scheduling challenges for contractors relying on old-school solutions.

Enhanced Training, Implementation and Support

Modern Technology and a Personal Touch

We continue to serve a growing client base with the most modern tools. In 2018 we expanded our online client portal, our on-demand video training library and our team in New Hampshire ready to respond instantly to support requests.

Architecture Enhancement for B2W Estimate

Speed and Performance for the Future

Bids are getting more complex. Databases are getting larger. That’s why we invested proactively in the behind-the-scenes architecture. Significant performance improvements in B2W Estimate, for example, mean that when it’s time to run complex queries and calculations or refresh bids – we can make it happen in seconds, not minutes.

The B2W Team Expanded

Support, Training and Implementation Were Big Growth Areas

Developing great software is just one of our goals. We also strive to be a responsive team of experts that you trust to stand behind the products when it matters most. We were fortunate to attract more top-notch talent to this team in 2018 at our headquarters in New Hampshire and a newly expanded sales and service facility in Atlanta.

B2W Production Targets Added
More Accurate Performance Tracking

Good data on actual versus planned productivity is critical to making the right decisions in the field. This important new feature makes it easier to set specific, variable targets for expected productivity according to the conditions, plan and resources for each individual day.

The Number of B2W Inform Users Doubled

E-forms and Analytics Gaining Momentum

More contractors are collecting data electronically and actually using it instead of letting it die on a piece of paper. Safety and inspections are common use cases. They’re also using B2W Inform across a creative array of operational and HR functions – anywhere that e-forms and analytics provide advantages.

Paul McKeon