The exceptional ROI value achieved by adopting B2W Software in support of visionary thinking was clearly evident, as three contractors claimed the 2019 Client Innovation Awards at the B2W User Conference in early March.

Priestly Demolition and Soletanche Bachy Canada, both based in Toronto, earned Best Use of the B2W ONE Platform and Best ROI with a single B2W Element respectively. An award for unique, visionary use of the ONE Platform went to Casella Construction of Vermont.

Priestly Demolition emphasized in its award application how all five elements of the B2W ONE Platform help the company answer two critical questions: “How much did we spend yesterday and how can we make data-driven decisions?” Casella Construction has also deployed all five elements of the ONE Platform and tailored the software in a unique manner to address challenges of a transportation division that serves internal as well as third-party customers.

At Soletanche Bachy Canada (formerly Bermingham Foundations), the switch from spreadsheets to B2W Estimate has dramatically improved estimating speed and accuracy while freeing up time for analysis and strategy.

Please click here for photos and more details on the award winners and their ROI results.

B2W presents its Client Vision Awards annually, with the application process opening in January. Winners are selected based on applications submitted by the contractors to highlight measured ROI and improvements to operational efficiency. Please click here for more information.