After a contractor purchases B2W construction software, there are a series of steps before they are ready to start using it. The software is implemented, training sessions are completed, and the users are ready to hit the ground running – right?

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Yes, but as the B2W support team can verify, questions are bound to come up after initial training. Maybe an employee was out that day, or a new employee was hired who didn’t attend training. Even users with years of experience can use a refresher. B2W also adds new features and updates constantly, so there’s always more to learn.

As B2W prides itself on providing cutting-edge heavy civil construction software, making the most of modern tools for training goes hand-in-hand with that. To aid in supplemental training, B2W created a library of training videos and leveraged technology from another New Hampshire based company called Retrieve to make it easy for contractors to access the videos remotely and search for the specific content they need.

B2W and Retrieve first ran into one another while competing for a “Product of the Year” competition in 2015. The two were bound to cross paths again. In 2016, B2W was looking to build out training resources beyond traditional means of on-boarding and support. Retrieve, a software company focused on creating web and mobile video communications with an educational focus, had just the solution.

B2W understood the need to have training videos that are available both in the office and out on a construction site for users. Thus, the B2W Software Knowledge Center was created. B2W employees film their training videos to be concise and easy to follow. Retrieve technology makes these videos searchable. Users can search an index by B2W product or a topic. They can even search by keyword and go to the specific place within a video that contains the information they need.

“It’s as if we’re cloning your trainer,” Jim Campbell, Retrieve’s product vice president explains. “Retrieve provides the tools that allow companies like B2W to organize their videos, pictures, text and documents into an easily consumable package. It’s like having a virtual training manual.”

The B2W team films new training videos regularly, so the Knowledge Center is up-to-date on the latest best practices. Videos are kept relatively short. Most are one to fifteen minutes in length. There are also time clips under each video, so a user can find exactly what they’re looking for. Trainers explain a range of capabilities from creating a new bid schedule in B2W Estimate to assigning resources in B2W Schedule.

This online Knowledge Center covers the full range of B2W products: B2W Estimate, Track, Schedule, Maintain and Inform. As trainers develop new videos, they often look for user requests for what should be covered in the supplemental training, so contractors have a say in their own product knowledge and training materials.

An estimator looking to understand how to import items from Excel can use a web browser in the office to pull up a training video. A foreman trying to remember how to create a field log out on the job site can use the Knowledge Center app on his cell phone. Now all B2W users have easy access to product training, no matter where they are, thanks to the B2W Software Knowledge Center.